good morning y’all. please pay my head or something


good morning i hate capitalism so much omg

while waiting for downloads to happen i started playing some spyro and its all so comfy and fun omg

bigoted bullshit from my parents :’) 

sure really would be awfulllll if the workers that have been temporarily deemed essential to society’s function went on a complete worker strike to leverage their massive bargaining power as the sole people keeping this country from the brink of collapse to get better rights for everyone

absolutely awfulllllll

he was so close to catching on too, he said that people could *choose* to lose weight by switching to meal prepping at home instead of eating out. he didn’t ask why his suggestions required more work now to get the results people passively had in the 80s.

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my dad thinks people were healthier in the good old days because people now are *choosing to be fat and lazy* rather than realizing the obvious systemic factors that result in people gaining weight

@Gargron hi i have a dumb idea what if u could add alt/aria tags to emoji art so screen readers aren’t forced to read OK HAND OK HAND OK HAND OK HAND ty for listening

i was just buying like, one big bag of rice because we were running out. plus an extra bag just in case. i had to buy the equivalent in small bags because they were out of big bags so i was walking around with like 8 small bags of rice lol

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i felt really awkward grocery shopping this weekend. i looked like some panic girl stocking up on rice and only rice...

i still don’t get portfolios with loading screens

i had to stop taking the adhd meds i was prescribed because it elevated my heart rate by like 30(?) bpm and having a resting heart rate of 90 isn’t very healthy.

the saddest part of the whole thing was a day or two after stopping it, i lost all ability to focus anymore and i’m back to a complete mess lol, and i immediately gained 6 pounds

one thing that really grinds my gears about my dad is his reaction whenever i imply that you can be an adult AND like cute pastel things. he made retching sounds when i said i wanted to have cute pastel joy-cons.

he thinks that somehow being an adult and liking cute things are mutually exclusive.

With Covid19 spreading and many people isolated in their homes, some artists in Japan are spreading the legend of the Amabie and sharing their interpretations of what this yokai might look like.

It's an expression of hope, creativity, and whimsy.

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The Amabie is a yokai with a scaly body, long hair, a beak, and three legs. It is often portrayed with diamond-shaped eyes.

In its one recorded appearance, it told a government official to share its image with everyone to protect them from harm, if a plague should break out.

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