"If open science is to have any meaning, then, it must be grounded in a politics that is emancipatory from capital and the problems of researchers being oriented around capital at every point"
it's about unions, reorganizing work, and ending extractive industries, not OA mandates

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Why open science is primarily a labour issue

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we can set our sights higher than changing who pays for our insular prestige games, towards challenging the information and attention industries swallowing us whole. rebuilding our systems of work and communication can be bigger than science, our problems are not just our own.

it's not abstract: as one of the few systems of work that largely operates without concern for profit, in desperate need for new means of communicating and disseminating information, rebuilding our work could help lift the grip of information industries across domains.

if you start pulling the thread of all the ways by which for-profit industries structure our work and foreclose opportunities, arguably the most important thing you can do if you want to be "just doing science" is to treat system change as your responsibility too.

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