its been two hours and I still can't find a notification sound that I like agh

I would like to (dis)prove something my transphobic father said.
#transgender people, did you choose a name that’s a diminutive of or sounds like your deadname?
Preferably boost for a larger sample size.

please perform a vibe self-assessment

my brother has been helping me understand social language through runescape metaphors, and I've definitely leveled up

being in a (zoom) room of lawyers, MANY of who are gender non-conforming??? half of us use they/them, and I am happy this morning :bunaww:

it took me longer than it should to replace a bike tube + tire, but alas, I am not of the handy queer variety

arizona name change clinic 

PHX friends--
There is a Name Change clinic scheduled in June, free of charge, to be assisted with the paperwork and steps of filing for a name change in the state of Arizona. It's hosted by a local queer law office.
If anyone is interested in this service, please DM me, so I can forward you the info. :boosts_ok_gay:

someone's alarm has been going off for 18 minutes, and I am about to scream in apartment

I like staring at my Steam library, unable to pick a game because I'm too stressed about whether I'll actually enjoy playing it or just shut it off after five minutes

two incredibly shy and useless queers meet and are mutually attracted to one another and absolutely nothing happens, a tale as old as time

I have an irrational fear of cathedral cities and county towns in the southwest of england. you might say I’m 


The gender today is the smell of asphalt and sound of water running.

this morning I got up extra early and went on a walk to feed the ducks in the canal. nothing like a bunch of hungry ducks furiously swimming toward you and voraciously eating peas.

have a great day everyone. <3

getting an email that I have to make a PHONE CALL? sorry, no can do buckaroo

Phone recommendations? (please boost) 

My phone is dying: its battery doesn't even hold half a charge any more.

I'm going to need to crowdfund for a smartphone, but to do that... I need to have some idea of what to get!

So does anyone have any recommendations for an affordable Android phone? Needs to be compatible with my current HTC 10 SIM card.

terraria, cursing 

okay well. I think I completed the entire game and I'm still sad, what the fuck is this

therapy & socialization 

having a ND therapist makes it so much easier. we spent a lot of time yesterday talking about body language and how people perceive it and it was really, really helpful.

I've spent my whole life with people screaming at me that I am perfect at social interaction, and yet continually criticize what I do and call me weird. It's like screaming in the same old box again and again.

At least my therapist is helpful and caring.


I cooked + ate breakfast for the first time in ???? months and wow hashbrowns just like waffle house soothes my achey southern soul

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