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The mountains aren't restricted to West Virginia.

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Hello! I recently moved over here, so I thought I should introduce myself.

I'm Ariel and I'm a . Any pronouns are fine for me.

I'm a big fan of and I'm trying to get into the literature side of it. I have a BA in and (two separate majors in this case), but I enjoy scientific subjects, too. I like and making .

I'm also the creator on tumblr, mastodon, and instagram.

I hope we all have a good time together!

Someone tell me something queer and happy so I can begin to cleanse myself of all the aggressive cishet-ness I've had to endure lately.

Bees aside, there was an other plant with flowers too.. Thisone is my summer wallpaper voor the time being. I personally love the colors...

#photo #photographie #photography #summer #flowers

It's good to be back home and not to have been struck by lightning with a bunch of hipsters.


need to buy one of those face mask dealies so i can Breathe in goldenrod season

when other people go outside it's "healthy" and "fun" but when i go outside it's "a class 3 containment breach" and "needs to be addressed immediately"

I wonder if it isn't time to introduce cargo shorts and crocs into my repertoire?

I have a conspiracy theory that customer service is always a pain to contact because companies want to stop you from getting refunds, replacements, ect. while still technically giving you the option.

tfw you're interacting with The Cis and they're clearly making the attempt to be respectful but also the only words they have in their brains are the worst ones possible and it's just like. you tried star

Climate change and extinction are mentioned. 

Climate change and extinction are mentioned. 

Climate change and extinction are mentioned. 

@chris I am making another random attempt to get into an account (which still exists) that I have on your instance by contacting you. Let me know if you ever return!

I just finished reading "Ascension: A Tangled Axon Novel" by Jacqueline Koyanagi and I wish there was more. It's not perfect in a lot of ways, but I loved it.

It's like a combination of Firefly and the original Dune books, but with black lesbians.

I know I'm probably going to be cancelled for saying this, but the best pizza topping is anchovies.

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