“Thanos snaps finger” half the timeline is on alts

Also guest rooms for visitors and play, obviously. 😉 but yall will have to do sports events in your dorm lobby, sorryyyy

(Except for British darts championships)

I would not, in fact, live in mastodorm. Did my dorm time already, thanks.

I would, however, live next door and have a big kitchen and living room for people from mastodorm to come hang out in and eat my baked goods.

I will thrash if you knitted me socks 💓

Still can’t believe they paid Fred Durst exclusively in nookie

Hmm seems like I maybe jinxed onster.farm by offering thoughts and prayers to knzk.

finally sat down and did the import so I now have a proper backup account. sweet!

I'll do a proper import tomorrow but my alt is at @mj - go follow!

okay, well, I've followed a bunch of people I have talked to recently, which will tide me over till I can do a proper backup. which I should have done earlier. :p

Tfw you create an alt and your main goes down before you've had a chance to import anything 😆

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