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Some of y'all have seen this beautiful animation as a GIF with its credits ripped out and you should really watch the real thing

"Unsatisfying", by Parallel Studio

My friend and colleague Joanie gave me this wonderful recognition this morning at standup. I have rarely felt so honored and touched. :heart_pride:

(Text is available at atomic-recognition.herokuapp.c, the "Think Long Term" award that starts "Matt has been a strong advocate for inclusion and celebration of LGBTQIA+ culture…")

Went to an accordion concert tonight, not a joke, and it was fucking awesome. I love this damn city so much.

“Thanos snaps finger” half the timeline is on alts

Also guest rooms for visitors and play, obviously. 😉 but yall will have to do sports events in your dorm lobby, sorryyyy

(Except for British darts championships)

I would not, in fact, live in mastodorm. Did my dorm time already, thanks.

I would, however, live next door and have a big kitchen and living room for people from mastodorm to come hang out in and eat my baked goods.

I will thrash if you knitted me socks 💓

Still can’t believe they paid Fred Durst exclusively in nookie

Hmm seems like I maybe jinxed by offering thoughts and prayers to knzk.

finally sat down and did the import so I now have a proper backup account. sweet!

I'll do a proper import tomorrow but my alt is at @mj - go follow!

okay, well, I've followed a bunch of people I have talked to recently, which will tide me over till I can do a proper backup. which I should have done earlier. :p

Tfw you create an alt and your main goes down before you've had a chance to import anything 😆

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