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Not everything's shit on the Internet:

If you told me 20 years ago that something like Wikipedia would be functioning without turning into the scribble-wall of a massive virtual bathroom stall, I would have laughed at you.

Bottled water companies don't produce water, they produce plastic bottles.

Today's Work Pet Peeve: People who send 5 different meeting invites and stick a link to relevant docs only one, indicating that nowhere. Also, people who think anyone reads to bodies of meeting invites they understand from the header.

Romeo and Juliet
Act I

Two households, both alike in dignity,
Five feet apart, because they are not gay

Roses are red
Violets are blue
Singular "they" is older
Than singular "you"

So we really need to...stop pretending health insurance is insurance and can work like insurance, because making it function as insurance means accepting a whole slew of things we really don't want.

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Like, in classical insurance, it is, on average, more expensive to buy correctly priced insurance than it is to take the risk. So the smart thing to do is to set your deductible to the largest amount you can reasonably afford to lose.

Not in health. And there's supposed to be selection in insurance, but health can't price based on actual risk or exclude pre-existing issues or drop you based on claims history like P+C, because that's inhumane.

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Related: I am so fucking glad my employer mostly handles P+C coverage. I'm (weirdly) hopeful about single-payer healthcare happening in the next couple decades. Mostly because I'm basically convinced modern health insurance better fits the definition of a cartel than it does insurance.

This is, of course, assuming minimal other changes.

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If we were just implementing "tax-advantaged healthcare programs" from scratch, I'd make exactly one program and then institute a system to file for an exception if you have a disability but no HDHP to enable the HSA, or you have any disability, defined as an ongoing condition such that your annual healthcare out of pocket on routine care comes in over or within X dollars of the annual limit. But nah, we get new bits that don't Just Work together.

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Because the actual !marion stays vaguely healthy bill is something like 6k a year after insurance costs. I'm lucky enough I can afford that without government assistance, but about 3k of that is out of pocket. Plus I'm not able to build up my HSA for expenses in the future, because I'm spending it all on regular not dying costs.

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For reference, my friend has realized an Able account would serve her well, and I'm realizing there's no readily apparent option for "I burn through my whole HSA on medical upkeep costs by September, but I'm not eligible for SSDI or an Able account, but I'd love a way to actually not pay income tax on enough to accumulate savings in said HSA"

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Realization: social programs are a lot like legacy software. They make sense in context of their creation, and we inevitably have acquired an inefficient mash of several with overlapping feature sets that can reduce the ability to use others. And you have no idea if what you're looking for doesn't exist or is buried in functionality that doesn't apply, which is how we add another one that's fighting with the others.

@garbados Apparently the idea of Indigenous people trading pelts for squash or whatever is something Adam Smith just full-on made up

There have been a lot of anthropologists that have studied gift economies (likely the dominant system before colonialism, not barter) and have written things like "they give each other gifts on the assumption that they'll be owed a gift back sometime in the future," and then give absolutely no evidence for that. Whereas the ones who actually ask the people doing it are often told "nah, I gave him that because he's my bro and that's just what we do." The tit-for-tat relationship is just imposed on it to maintain the idea that capitalism is natural (whether intentionally on the anthropologists' part or not)

Know your singular-theys!

- The gender-neutral (epicene) they
- The agender they
- The plural-individual they
- The animist they
- The speculative they look kind of queer so I'm gonna stay on the safe side they
- The oh god I can't remember names how the fuck am I gonna remember pronouns they

What they tell you about being a lesbian:
* carabiner
* man are trash
* soccer?

What they don't tell you about being a lesbian:
* combos require faster button-presses
* narrower hit box
* immune to necromantic, weak to psychic

Weird meds observation: maybe it's my ADHD, but taking 7 pills every morning is waay easier than 2. If the routine ever simplifies, I think I'll have to add vitamins just to make it complicated enough to remember.

I hope your day is filled with powerful Labour MP thinks a fetish is a "worry" and boldly declares he has thousands of them, the biggest of which is probably "the horses" energy today.

there is no reason why gyms shouldn't be run as a free public service

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