anyone else think gender reveal parties are a reaction to a burgeoning LGBTQ youth culture. like literally nobody did this shit when i was a kid

yeah I'd like to return this golden retriever. it fucking sucks at basketball, dude. completely useless

blocking people is always justified

someone rudely comments on your selfie? block
terrible political takes? block
reminds you of your second grade bully? block
un-cwed content that makes you uncomfortable? block
dont like the cut of someones jib? block

block block block! you dont owe anyone anything on here! block their ass and never think about them again!

some men truly think they will never experience negative consequences for their shit headed behavior and it is very good to subvert those expectations

The internet is a big place. Learn to treat other people with respect and politeness.

Why is it such a big problem to state that we don't want those assholes hanging around?

They should be the ones to learn how to interact with other human beings politely.

So for people who are constant target of attacks and are already in a fragile state, you shouldn't say that they need to "learn to deal with the internet".

No, we should stop the assholes from harassing other people in the first place. The burden must be on the attacker.

I've seen some people talking about the "No Code of Conduct". That the "internet is a big place, you should prepare yourself to deal with it."

It looks ~cool~, but there's a big problem: it put the burden on the victims of the harassment.

straight people were already on thin ice and then they went and created that horrible "grapefruit technique" video

I have reached the point in coder maturity where I actually get less upset by bad design patterns than I do the "we don't need no stinkin pattern".

if there's no work to be done, like... you won. you did it.

the idea that a country doesn't have enough jobs is fucking stupid

Tech time! Here’s a Halloween pair programming tip: if both you and your pairing partner are wearing glasses, this means you basically have eight eyes between you! Use this opportunity to pretend you’re a giant spider

I've been sick for the last few days, and I'm realizing just how much we rely on OTC meds to get us back to work. That is to say, I get to take Mucinex and Tylenol, and nose hose with saline, and it's so much worse than getting any actual decongestant.

why do you think every single actually exciting web replacent tech looks more like www 1.0 than your hairball of weaponized js?

Sir Gawain is relationship goals tbh. I wanna be in a wink-wink-nudge-nudge open-secret bisexual throuple with a lord and his wife.

abolishing gender as in abolishing gender violence... gender liberation as in a future in which nothing constrains our ability to be gay, trans, intersex, illegible, and in general fucking weird


Rats are capable of driving tiny cars, researchers found. It eases their anxiety.


oops milady... i hath accidentally delivered unto thee a parchment bearing a depiction of mine own genitals... please be rid of it posthaste!! lest... thou wishes to look upon it? nay, i jest, dispose of it... if thou desires... destroy it... lest?

*logging on to to chat with my fellow dentifrice fans* what's with all the computer nerds

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