@socks Computers are literally magic. Crystals imprinted with arcane sigils using extremely specific materials that must be treated and prepared by arcane methods, carefully arranged on further sigils made of copper and gold, bound to do one's will using a script in an esoteric language written in microscopic glyphs

Pro tip: warm up your sheet mask by sticking it (still in the package) under your favorite dog.

Feeling this kind of existential Doom Feeling of stranded aloneness. Not fun.

A normal person doesn't look at a box of lightbulbs and go "this seems hellish"

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I just realized that my tendency to label every storage monoculture as "<object> hell" is probably something that can be read into.

"Language skills are a stronger predictor of programming ability than math knowledge" as I have been saying for years phys.org/news/2020-03-math-per


Those who fail to use Git are visited by three spirits. The Ghost of Version Past, the Ghost of Version Present, and the Ghost of Version Yet To Come.

To make them go away, the programmer must successfully rebase the space-time continuum so that it excludes the events in which these spirits visit them without destroying any of the other important moments in their life.

apparently april is autism month so, to summarize: Autism Speaks is still a hate group; listen to #ActuallyAutistic people instead cuz we know our own needs best.

the symbolism behind the puzzle piece is insulting, it represents the idea that we're broken or there's a piece missing from us, so don't use it. look up the rainbow infinity symbol instead.

The Abrahamic Religions are:


Each one has a very unique theology, unique history, unique religious texts, and unique conceptualizations of the divine. They all share certain stories and characters but often have intensely different interpretations (in some of them Abraham is evil!!)

Don't say ""Abrahamic"" or "Judeo-Christian" when you just mean "Christian"

the boys* are back in town**

*my library books
**available for pickup

Outsourcing Politics, Labor 

On this #IloveFS day we would like to thank all of our contributors, users, donors & followers for making #glimpse possible.

It is not easy to fork a project and do it well, but we continue to support each other & prove our critics wrong with each new release. ❤️

holiday meta, medical 

Uspol, insurance rant 

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Uspol, insurance rant 

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Uspol, insurance rant 

in the pub and a guy a table across on presumably a date said "a donkey is like a working class horse"

The answer to "what color do we paint the bike shed?" is blue

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