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an advertisement on a train in boston, in a cold day in may: move to san diego, where they don't have winter!

i've said it before and i'll say it again: i have a mighty need for country music about having to pirate your tractor's software

It's interesting that there are multiple groups of people who agree that ACAB, but one group believes that because they recognize that police are inherently complicit in authoritarian violence regardless of how Good Cop they are, and another group is just mad that they're not allowed to do whatever they want without consequences (and is much more likely than the first to be expansive about who counts as a "cop").

"Be the weeds. Grow on concrete in defiance of those who would thwart you." is the most powerful sentence i have ever heard in my life.

important reminder about food 

because i had very poor internet connectivity and wanted to learn myself a computer thing, last night i took several one-line bash scripts i had and combined them into one script with optional arguments

Nazi domain block 

someone i work with just said that someone "has been working in social media advertising for 25 years"

i just... i... social media advertising did not exist in 1993?

reminder that insistence on Standard Trans Narrative hurts us in the long term

blease dont spoil detective bikachu

it turns out that there's a weak wifi hotspot at the campground, which I'm really happy about because it means that all my kid's games on her tablet will work

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"Sacred cow" is a phrase that specifically mocks Hinduism.

you can't be straight in space! what would that even mean? pfft, straight in space... what are they thinking...

i'm going camping and most likely won't have internet access until i come home on the 16th. talk to y'all then!

accidentally deleting the contents of the pure concepts of shitposting

death mention, kvetch 

food, superheroes, joke 

i need to pack my things because we're leaving on vacation tomorrow, and all my brain wants to do is recommend that i fuck around with my home nextcloud server instead 😔

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