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Anyway, some suggested Francogaelic names for your son:

* Fersain
* Aleon
* Valentile
* Chaos (really)
* Maxhon
* Chibie-Alphpie
* Fock
* Annecrao
* Didisphrus
* Harberian
* Vachaudcas
* Braverus

Not bad at all.

(It also independently invented Mary!)

Some *not*-suggested generated Francogaelic names:

* Aag
* Fagle
* Renols-Xax
* Fer: Jacques
* Agunt
* Grence
* Stephenwie
* Pierre-nairman
* Sobertmand
* Pauncch
* Frag
* Fulce
* Panda (????)

oh god there's so many to choose from I'm losing my shit

Some suggested Arabic-Gaelic neural-net-generated names for your son:

* Flairnach
* Catiful-Din
* Seelathar
* Abdel Niall
* Gilleashar
* Arachand
* Abidiyne
* Quirim
* Abdul Luachi

And some not-so-suggested names:

* Brain
* Falghth
* Guifeaq
* Donmeat
* Hamful
* Farter

suffering? more like surfering. catch me on those gnarly waves dude!

*rubs hands together* i'm running pinafore locally on my goal of starting the bot automatically when the raspberry pi boots

edgelords are the most boring people on earth

don't get so caught up in discourse you forget everything else

@mcmoots Also, depending on how thick the ice is, a credit card (or sturdy library card or the like) is a perfectly good car window scraper. It also works even if you have a real scraper but need to scrape the inside of a car window due to frost build-up from the inside.

Another snow car trick - if you get stuck with a wheel spinning, you can use a rubber (or carpeted, if you're desperate) car mat jammed under the spinning tire for traction.

Safe snow times to all!

i got a local-politics campaign text from a fellow crime-loving Gay ❤️

that trans women who have had sex with men are not considered "men who have sex with men" by the american red cross, because the american red cross's current policy is based on identified gender and not asab.

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In this edition: Help needed with Debian Android Tools and Requests for Packaging marathon. There are 45 new and 98 updated apps.

The LGBTQIA+ bookstore near where I live got these in recently and my day has been fucking MADE!

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i have been a member of my synagogue for a few months and we had our new member ceremony just recently! it was really nice and now i have my own printed nametag ❤️❤️❤️

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