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scooby doo but it's all girls and their van is called the misandry machine

there’s more noise about the use of “queer”

1) if you think it’s a problem for people to bend this slur to their own purposes, that’s a personal thing for you and not an indictment of their politics; if you’re under 50 you never lived an adult life in which queer functioned only as a slur, stop projecting your limited experience on to the rest of us

2) if you’re cis and heterosexual, you aren’t queer, no matter how interesting or kinky you are

3) the personal is political but not vise versa

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If you aren't aware. Maritime signal flags are hilarious and useful both on land or sea.


PS. Man Overboard is my 80s Trans SynthPop Band, I saw it first, hands off you filthcats.

Dystopia is a white people word that means “what if all that shit happened TO US?!?”

DS9 plots be like

"Sisko and Dax grapple with the morality of executing prisoners of war. O'Brien and Bashir go to the Space DMV to renew their shuttlecraft licenses"

I don’t give a fuck about sports, but Gritty makes me want all Philly teams to win.

sometimes i use termux on my desk when it's not hanukkah because why the hecc not

no cops, no cops, no cops, no cops, just they might be giants

additional headcanon: the people in gerudo town who know that link is AMAB but don't care can tell that link is a trans egg, and they're being respectful of link's self-discovery process

my initial headcanon: all gorons are gay, because they're all dudes

my headcanon upon seeing a goron in gerudo town: all gorons are he/him lesbians, "brother" is gender neutral

my headcanon when that goron confusedly asks "if they don't allow men, why did they allow me in??": most gorons are gay dudes. that goron is a trans lady egg, and gerudo society is actually affirming of trans women and all other non-men

saying offensive shit just to upset people: not punk loving and respecting one another: punk as fuck. i fuckin l*ve y*u. fuck c*ps, we only dr*nk fr*m m***n j*rs in this screencap #gameing

you know how there's a market for putting in speakers in electric cars so they make engine noises

is there a similar market for putting speakers in SSDs so they make HD spinning noises

"What does 'too bad' even mean? Does anyone ever tell a sad person 'that's the correct amount of bad'?"

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