here's my pbskids video downloader python script if anyone is interested:

the only libraries you need to explicitly install are youtube-dl and requests. it also fetches captions!

i made a python script for downloading videos from with captions, because parenting is about learning new things in order to make your kid happier ❤️

milkshake politics, good link Show more

milkshake politics, good link Show more

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milkshake politics, good link Show more

milkshake politics, good link Show more

i was looking at a diagram of snake anatomy and the text was grainy enough that one organ appeared to be labeled "sploon"

bad discourse about whether fiction can reinforce oppression is happening in a facebook sff group i'm in and i don't like it 🙁

@KARiley40 oh! the fates being unable to see would explain why they wouldn't know what people are signing. but it's worth noting that it's important not to equate blindness with ignorance, or use blindness or other disabilities as metaphors, because that definitely harms real people.

people taking advantage of the fates' blindness in a way where the narrative reveals that it's bad to do = i would absolutely want to read it!!

@KARiley40 if they communicate with sign in libraries, why can't the gods see them signing?

@KARiley40 oh wow that sounds cool! I guess the gods can't read, in this world? I'm really interested in the world building you're doing there!

@maloki signal is great! idk if you'd want to talk to me on it because we don't talk often, but lmk i guess?

it really pleases me how textbook piracy has blossomed and expanded since i was at college, before textbooks were widely distributed as ebooks. textbook pirates and ebook DRM crackers are doing god's work. :anarchoheart3:

i remembered today that vlc on android can stream video from an sftp server, so now i have a gender presentation

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