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it's real fuckin wild to me that Shia Labeouf was not only cool with Rob Cantor making a short theatrical performance about Shia Labeouf being a cannibal, but attended the performance and applauded strongly at the end.

catapulting magnets at the nearest facebook datacenter

software is not sexy
please do not fuck the software

@zigg that T shirt suggestion sounds like no butches or transmascs allowed 🙃

recently i gave some books to a local used bookstore, one of which was a signed first edition of a novel that I probably won't re-read in print form. it feels good to pass it on, because some Garth Nix fan will someday (soon?) be elated to stumble on a like-new signed first edition hardcover of Clariel for cheap.

re: okay this is probably gonna upset some people but 

i almost got in an argument today and i'm proud of having resisted the urge to correct people about kant's critique of pure reason in a shitposting group

:brain1: not telling anyone about your butt related troubles
:brain2: apologizing to partners for being constipated
:brain3: telling friends about your poops
:brain4: telling complete strangers on the internet about your ass hair and how you defeated it

this blend of catnip and valerian *is* effective at making our extremely anxious kitty slightly less anxious though

there's a catnip company called meowijuana and its packaging is more stoner-anesthetic than i expected and idk how to feel about that

Creepy bastards on YouTube 

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