life goal: if I'm ever in the same room as richard stallman, whisper the following to him Show more

Just saw a church sign that said “bear with one another” and I snickered

"Back in my day I could do blacksmithing for 5 minutes and then I could afford to buy 4 houses"

Star Trek shitpost Show more

my brain forgot how to conjugate a particular irregular french verb (because it's been 14 years since i regularly practiced french) and kept suggesting what it would have been as a german verb instead

yes, brain, that's extremely helpful 🙄

for those who never met @roll, they're a dice bot with a permissive dice grammar:

they will scan any post they're mentioned in for things that look like rolls, such as 1d20, and perform that dice roll!

IMPORTANT DISCOVERY: Safari's Touch Bar video controls ignore whether fast forward/rewind are allowed in an HTML 5 video. Which means on a MacBook you can use it to skip forced ads on YouTube!

Ever wondered why computer games like Simcity and Cities Skylines will selfdestruct the towns if you raise taxes?

Here's a long read about the right wing economic theories that laid the foundation for Simcity when a logic was needed during its creation and then continues to influence game makers (and policy makers) today

(from Logic Magazine)

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