I showed off a scorpion to Blathers but then immediately apologized by showing off a fish. This owl tolerates so much of my bullshit and would be completely within his rights to tell me to fuck off

i read this tarantula fact about their belly hair and immediately thought "transition goals ♂️♂️♂️"

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re: screenshot of sex toy listing 

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screenshot of sex toy listing 

there's a catnip company called meowijuana and its packaging is more stoner-anesthetic than i expected and idk how to feel about that

this beautiful vintage photo is in a book of essays about butches and gender nonconformity that i just got, and it makes me extremely happy 😍

when children's science books can't be frank about the human body, the result is that they magnify the perception of differences between the two most common reproductive phenotypes.

"if men and women didn't have different bodies we'd die out" is just a bizarre thing to argue. you can easily find out what reproductive makeup a partner has by asking. & if humans *had* evolved only one reproductive phenotype, reproduction would still occur.

i expected cisnormativity. not weird misinformation?

i'm halfway finished with a seven-stripe butch hat for my friend! at this point i need more yarn to continue, because i don't have the yellows and brown i need.

normal people use for loops to do actual work. i use them for this

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