tonight i explained to my 3 year old why "the police arrest Bad People" (a sentence uttered in one episode of a toddler show she watches) is incorrect in an age-appropriate way.

i feel immense relief about this because i can't maintain my integrity if i allow my kid to develop the idea that cops and rules are inherently good.

how to teach white kids that cops aren't good 

i told my kid that a rule can be bad, and that a rule is bad if it causes you to hurt people. the example of a bad rule i gave was it being illegal in some places to give food to houseless people.

i said that being arrested doesn't mean that you've done something bad, and it typically means that you've broken a rule. so i told her that the job of police is to arrest and punish people who have broken a rule, even if the rule is one that hurts people.


how to teach white kids that cops aren't good part 2 of ? 

good groundwork:

don't teach your kid obedience to authority. teach your kid to question you, and treat them like you value their developing reasoning skills. admit when you are wrong. regularly apologize to your child when you are wrong. you can't teach a kid that cops aren't good if you act like a cop.

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