that white people have weird ideas about apples with respect to china

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The "is this a butterfly" meme, but asking "is this an apple?" and the butterfly is an orange, a pomegranate, or the Fruit of the Knowledge of Good and Evil.

@metapianycist So there's actually some interesting linguistics here: "apple" and its equivalents in some European languages have been used to refer generally to all types of fruit, and even nuts and potatoes, which makes interpreting historical uses hard. Oranges do actually come from China, so "Chinese fruit" isn't strictly an inaccurate name, it's just not very specific.

@metapianycist "Pomegranate" is actually French for "seeded apple", so that's itself an example of this. But while it is widely cultivated in China, I'm not seeing anything about it first coming to Britain from there, so I dunno why they'd call it a "Chinese apple". That's a bit weird. No excuse for the riberry though, that's actually native to Australia and there's nothing Chinese about it. On top of which it seems to've been named after "apple" stopped being quite so generic.

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