y'all. with the tumblr migration, there are going to be minors on your instance. so CW your nudes as "nude", CW your porn as "porn" and CW your genitals as "genitals".

it's a courtesy to the minors on your fediverse, and to everyone else who doesn't want to see your improperly or unclearly CW'd dick pic. "nsfw" is too vague.

i meant to say "the fediverse" and not "your fediverse" but that's okay, im cool with sounding like an alien commenting on your earth software

@metapianycist you're right, i didn't think of that ^^''' i'll start using more specific CWs now!

@kittntoes @metapianycist
a CW hides everything in the post unless the reader decides to click "Show more" and is much more effective at hiding unwanted content. If you are using hashtags and marking images as sensitive, i think that should hide it from minors and people who don't want to see it, but people here are keeping an eye out for CWs specifically since that's what they expect. Consistent formatting helps keep things clean

@metapianycist @kittntoes
you are right, they don't, but you can mark an image sensitive so that you need to click it to see it. if you do that in combination with tagging something as porn, I think it essentially functions the same as a CW

@Amber @kittntoes tags aren't as visible as the CW field in many apps. some apps also hide the whole image placeholder if a CW is present, which i really like about subwaytooter. the presence of a CW automatically marks the image as sensitive and it's actually fewer steps to just specify a CW, instead of marking the image as sensitive and then saying . and it's easier to accidentally click to unhide the image if there's no CW.

trigger warning 

trigger warning 

trigger warning 

@grainloom @metapianycist 18+ is a terrible term which can mean many different things, and is not a global standard.

@metapianycist honestly if you post explicit nsfw you should have 18+ on your profile so if minors know to not follow you. Even censored I wouldn't feel comfortable with minors even being exposed to it and having the option to open it.

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