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girls with facial hair and flat chests are valid

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Yet another Sukkot where I'm too chicken to build the world's ugliest sukkah out of election campaign signs on the front lawn

bi-fives all around for bi visibility day

here's the issue in case anyone else runs into it: uws dev pulled out of npm and replaced package with an empty package version

if your package.json is set to "uws": "^x.x.x" x meaning whatever version, it'll try to update it to the latest version, pull an empty package, and break everything (remember left-pad?)

what you need to do is change your package.json to say "10.148.1" which is the latest version of uws containing code, without the ^ so it doesn't try to look for newer versions

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some days you're thrillhouse and some days you're milpool

on this bi visibility day i am unfortunately feeling super cruddy due to my body Doing A Thing harder than usual. it somehow knows I'm starting testosterone again tomorrow. 🙃


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more excited about bi invisibility day tbh. might rob a bank or something

It's bullshit that pantone's colour of the year, "ultra violet", is in the visible spectrum

Gather round, kids, and I’ll tell you a story.

Last year, at the beginning of #BiWeek, I revealed myself to the world. (It was the 17th, for what it’s worth. Figuring out this week is harder than Easter, I swear.)

I was a baby bi then. I’ve been with my spouse for decades and we look straight. The hardest thing I had to deal with was not feeling like I was #queer enough to count—and none of you were having any of that.

All of my bi siblings are #valid as hell. This is your week too. Be proud!

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