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medical fundraiser for my sister's cancer treatment 

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explanation of why you should DM me if you follow-request me 

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Things I can help with 

in 10 years iphones will not have a charging port and will be fully disposable. they won't be any cheaper but they'll be disposable

medical but + 

tired: sex, drugs, and rock n roll

wired: headpats, hrt and new wave

I like leggings, they are comfy and easy to wear.

I know there are variations of the shorts line in pokemon. Is there ever one about leggings?

I was using mastodon's new detect text from image feature to add alt text to this picture for another site.

Regular use of this feature may result in weird out-of-context toots

if you are making a video game you should make it so if you press YABBA on the title screen it plays a high quality rip version of the game's theme

yall ever think about how you can spell BABY on an xbox controller

cd testosterone
./configure --arch=estrogen
sudo make install

my college's fight song 

sharks eatin’ your intercontinental data cables? have i got the fix for you: 

today we put up many strings of lights in our house and now everything is glowy and festive ❤️

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