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The fact that memes are constantly produced without financial incentive serves to refute the revisionist myth that innovation only happens became of capitalism

i got an account on for when i type phrases with swears. the m**n is y*llow as fuck. i fuckin l*ve y*u. fuck c*ps, we only dr*nk fr*m m***n j*rs in this screencap #gameing

The most intimate relationship of all is between a robot girl and her mechanic.

a makeup brush but with a v v long handle

do people's makeup from the other side of the room

Guys, be careful who you retoot from in the next few weeks as lots of aphobes from Tumblr are pouring into Mastodon, especially in the instance. Almost all of them are also transmed/truscum or truscum adjacent as well.

laptops need to be wearing my b'tzelem elohim trans patch, my iron front patch and a random number of spoons to start with, to simulate spoonie life.

"It's okay if ___, right?" assumes consent rather than asking for it; it makes saying "no" a transgression rather than an assertion of boundaries. Same with similar constructions; unless you're confirming something the other person has already told you, actually ask the question instead of assuming you know the answer and are just confirming, please.

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