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my nintendo switch friend code 


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explanation of why you should DM me if you follow-request me 

1. i can't seem to make my phone notify me when i receive a follow request.

2. unless you demonstrate to me that you're a real person and that your aim isn't malicious, I'm not approving your follow request. i take great comfort in having the power to approve or deny follow requests. i've had a lot of hatefollowers and stalkers elsewhere and i don't want any more.

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Things I can help with 


- trans and nonbinary information & resources
- German language (if you're a beginner. I'm at an intermediate level)
- helping you figure out if you're or have or both
- sharing books from my ebook hoard (YA fiction, TOS novels, Baby-Sitters Club, python, java, web development, trans fiction and nonfiction, lgbt studies, American history)
- offering gentle headpats when you're sad :blobpats:

Living in America will have you thinking there's a problem with humanity and not a bunch of regressive bigots with too much money that they got by killing everyone and taking their stuff.

F64.8 includes the following (select all that apply):

Fuck cherry switches I’m trying to hear my keyboard a different way


“Elle is a Black trans woman based in Seattle raising funds for FFS procedures. Elle has been a committed and shining member of SeaTac's ballroom community, as well as working in non-profit and trans advocacy.”
Cashapp $3llieJay
Venmo ellison_jennings

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household pests 

the heating pad the mice destroyed was a pretty pastel rainbow and I miss it

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Piss off some nerds 

"But it's not historically accurate!"

1) You think people didn't travel 500 years ago?
2) That aside, it's a universe where immortals fight each other and explosively eat the souls of their enemies. Get a grip.

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household pests, unsanitary 

mice used the grain filling of my favorite heating pad as food and nesting material, so i had to sterilize my entire desk last night.

there's nothing quite as demoralizing as sweeping hundreds of mouse poops off your own desk after mice destroyed your favorite heating pad

There is an entire system of cultural pressures which restrict us from being the inherently playful animals we really are deep down. Life isn't supposed to be boring and terrible just because you've grown up.

Enjoy things. Be weird.

new star trek animated series 

i saw that there's a new star trek animated series but its creator is the creator of rick and morty. so i don't have high hopes for it being imbued with the spirit of commentary on important issues and goofy non-edgelord humor.

star trek is by no means without deep flaws or badly executed commentary that backfired, but the writers from the beginning were at least trying to fight injustice?

has anyone here watched it? are my worries unfounded?

honestly what every white queer should do on 9/11 is read jasbir puar's work on how us nationalism leveraged white gay fears of "homophobic muslim nations" to make racist policies against immigration more palatable among white liberal queers (among other things)

Capitalism gothic 

Local, small scale data farmers.

It's funny to me when Americans go all wide-eyed about the fact that the State is attempting to invent out of whole cloth Antifa as a centralised organisation with leaders, funding etc. When that is literally how they came to invent Al Qaeda

my grandma says she "doesn't know how to post" and also comments "i would love to pet the good boi" so jsyk i love my grandma

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