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*business voice* we here at officecorp love bdsm!


@ my body: please don't be getting that norovirus going through my house, i really like eating food!! 😭

plurality is like Docker for the mind

cops in children's media Show more

voicemail that gives you all the information instead of insisting that you call back to get the same information that doesn't need your input 👌🙏

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"what's your sexuality?"
"spooky action at a distance, like, quantum entanglement"

sure sex is great but have you ever seen your trans friends taking big steps in their transitions that you've watched them struggle with and process for ages?

friends, the instance freespeechextremists has been instance-level suspended on due to their policies on user conduct and due to their actual user conduct. apparently this has been going on for a while, but I’ve only found out tonight - my apologies, friends

captains log, stardate #hecc: we are 🤷‍♂️. viewer discretion advised. #gameing i guess i should read more animorphs than me can answer

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i am at a rest stop in north america are actually sovereign nations that negotiate treaties with the original content of people i follow.

I think centrists have really corrupted the idea of an in-between between 'good' and 'bad' or the idea that a situation can be complicated. And I think we really need to rebuild those ideas based on real principles.

i think i should go to bed when i seriously consider posting "cats are like if dogs were cats"

that night, mark was visited by the three spectres of industrialization: the luddite, the guilder, and the baron

duckduckgo search "how to make friends without ever leaving my bedroom"

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