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i use a piece of software where the main developer is the opposite of a reasonable and considerate person, and i wish i felt confident enough to ask him to consider making a dark mode for the application.

i have never lived under totalitarianism, but i'm willing to bet that people who have lived under it do not appreciate it when other people use the term "censorship" to refer to being banned from a microblogging site for posting hateful content

notre dame fire Show more

notre dame fire Show more

biologists: the instincts of prey animals have been honed over millions of years to laserlike intensity so they can escape the maws of their predators and live to see another day

my rats, supposedly prey animals: will enthusiastically attempt to climb into my mouth if I let them

Dear science writers,

Stop enabling evil. The men targeting Katie Bouman, who was a team lead on the Event Horizon Telescope project that produced that image of the black hole at the center of M87, are not "trolls". Trolls want to get a rise out of people. These men are not just trying to get a rise out of her or anyone else.

They are misogynists. They hate women and can't stand the idea of a woman being successful in science.

Call them what they are.


i've watched more than a solid hour of "steamed hams but it's" videos this past weekend and i am extremely okay with this

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Two opposite genres of activity with the same appropriate clothing

hello queer fediverse

i have a playlist called "gay vibes"

care to suggest some songs for me to put on it that make you feel particularly gay? :heart_pride:

boosts welcome!

i successfully added fraktur glyphs in my body! :trans_heart:

i'm halfway finished with a seven-stripe butch hat for my friend! at this point i need more yarn to continue, because i don't have the yellows and brown i need.

proud of myself for learning how to reverse the order of characters in a string in python, for maximum backwards word action 👌

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