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proposal for new english-language plural of octopus 


by analogy of the vowel change when foot > feet, with -ce to maintain the same consonant sound

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my nintendo switch friend code 


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One of the great ironies of a gender-reveal party where you're expected to bring gifts is that the only appropriate gifts are gender-neutral.

UK trans health waiting lists- important & time sensitive - please boost 

Please share to your UK trans friends ASAP 💚

France is facing massive droughts, but golf greens have been exempted from water restrictions; so climate activists went to golf courses and filled the holes with concrete! #StopGolf

Domain Block

Look, when the admin has the R-slur as their username and "pronouns", that should speak volumes. :blobcoffeeunamused2:


i have unstable joints and a leg length discrepancy from a rotated hip joint, because if my body had been put together correctly i would have been too powerful :thinkergunsunglasses:

pandemics won't be solved by relying on personal responsibility any more than climate change will. boycotting plastic straws and individually wearing a face covering isn't a replacement for systemic change. don't let those with power shift your anger away from them

communism is just too boring imo. nobody wants to read a bunch if dusty old tomes about political economy and some pamphlets anymore. we need to make communism SEXY. and modern! big tits in hammer and sickle bikinis! muscly dudes having gay sex at the union meetings! no more of this stuffy academia or "dialectical materialism". we gotta talk to people in the language they understand: pure horn doggery. its simple

there are only two hard things in computer science: off-by-one errors, and

cat butts 

rusty returned from his overnight stay at the vet with his butthole fur having been shaved, and there is nothing more comical than an orange-furred cat with a completely hairless butthole

"taxpayer," "small business owner" and "entrepreneur" are some of the most obnoxious genders

just saw someone say "three bean soup" to refer to

vanilla soy latte

for example, my french teacher, a boomer who was born in france but immigrated to the u.s. as a small child, taught us to say "où se trouve" instead of "où est", and no other americans i know who studied french in school at the same time i was have ever heard of that phrasing other than as something archaic.

i was also taught by him to always invert the position of subject and verb in questions (except when using est-ce que) regardless of formality and if the subject was "je".

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i am making good progress at relearning french with Duolingo as an aid. i learned pre-recent-reform spelling as a teenager, so sometimes Duolingo marks an answer wrong that's just an older spelling (e.g. if i type sûr la table vs sur la table).

i am actually learning correct grammar concerning articles and syntax now. i feel like the only thing i was good at in high school french class was pronunciation bc i tried hard not to sound like an ignorant American

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il fait trop chaud pour vivre aujourd'hui, mes amis 🥵

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