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medical fundraiser for my sister's cancer treatment 

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i've said it before and i'll say it again: i have a mighty need for country music about having to pirate your tractor's software

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explanation of why you should DM me if you follow-request me 

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Things I can help with 

mark zuckerberg's transparency tour 

I'm glad i thought to put our backyard chairs and loose halloween decorations indoors because nature is being very discourteous at present

the time has come, comrades. the industry of management is bloated and vulnerable, ripe for disruption. we plan to split it wide open with a brand new concept that's actually a very old concept...

i introduce...

the union :blobcat:

addressing the investors in the room as "comrades", reveling in their visible discomfort

i got new outfits today in preparation for a trip to berlin and my favorite so far has me looking like a startup ceo with a bold new concept to disrupt the lumber industry with direct action

so many new people!! i might try emailing ancestry dot com about how i'm trans *screams in transgender*

power outage just as i was about to send a meme to the spouse that is not @lunasspecto because nature hates silly memes

any time there are seven of something i mentally organize them into a trivium and a quadrivium

I never cease to be surprised at how fervently FOSSbros defend people's "right" to do asshole-ish, unethical, and often downright criminal things in FOSS that would get you instantly fired at literally any actual job

Fediverse forecast for today, Tuesday 15 October 2019: genuine, with instance drama

Unicode combining 👻 and 🥦 for a cauliflower emoji when

i planned to fuck around and do three Major Tests of Strength in a toy sippy cup and called it bread juice 🍞

good lord. A family in Hawaii grew a 5.6lb avocado this season (the average weight is 6oz), setting the world record for avocado size.

The Legend of #Zelda: The Missing Link, wherein the Legendary Hero is... uh, nowhere to be found, so Zelda has to roll up her sleeves and do the damn job herself

neural net generated this one and i'm super proud of my illustration.

gotta figure out how to use this as often as possible

cat pee, no advice 

it was the best of shires

it was the worcestershires

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