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my nintendo switch friend code 


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explanation of why you should DM me if you follow-request me 

1. i can't seem to make my phone notify me when i receive a follow request.

2. unless you demonstrate to me that you're a real person and that your aim isn't malicious, I'm not approving your follow request. i take great comfort in having the power to approve or deny follow requests. i've had a lot of hatefollowers and stalkers elsewhere and i don't want any more.

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Things I can help with 


- trans and nonbinary information & resources
- German language (if you're a beginner. I'm at an intermediate level)
- helping you figure out if you're or have or both
- sharing books from my ebook hoard (YA fiction, TOS novels, Baby-Sitters Club, python, java, web development, trans fiction and nonfiction, lgbt studies, American history)
- offering gentle headpats when you're sad :blobpats:

coronavirus in the u.s. 

(i have no idea what to do other than try to stay very far away)

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coronavirus in the u.s. 

i have seen way too many strangers' noses today and i have no idea what to do when I'm somewhere enclosed and encounter an unmasked person or someone whose mask is uselessly only covering their mouth

my hot take for today is that the classic animated television cartoon serial show “The Flinstone’s” is problematic for being capitalist propaganda that attempts to normalize wage slavery by painting it as a prehistoric institution, divorced completely from capital, and a natural state of human life.

Question about the Simpsons in non-English languages :boost_ok:​ 

How did non-english languages (especially languages where words come from the dictionary, like Spanish or French) handle "Cromulent" and "Embiggen"? I'm really curious!!!

Admitting you're wrong isn't a sign of weakness. It's a sign you're able to shed weakness and become stronger.

Kingdom Hearts
Duchy Livers
Empire Spleens
Caliphate Gall Bladders
Republic Appendices

mods are asleep post weird fish (and cc the mods so they can see your favorite weird fish when they wake up) :weirdfish:

Animal Crossing screencap 

Horizontal colored stripes in a top-to-bottom rainbow accented with alternating black stripes

Animal Crossing screencap 

Another trans pirate flag design, this time with the long bones behind the skull.

mastodev, pouchdb-mastodon 

ok nerds here it is #mastodev #actualmastodev #fedidev

> The goal of this plugin is to make it easy to maintain copies of your Fediverse data and to make it easy to write your own Fediverse clients, without needing to operate an ActivityPub server. In fact, you can use pouchdb-mastodon in the browser to create offline-first serverless clients.

uspol virus school safety 

it's not important to get kids back physically to school right now, not at all

republicans just view it as cheap childcare so the working class can get back to work because they don't get that everyone just basically got fired, they fucking think everyone's just lazy

they are going to put millions and millions of children, teachers and all their families at risk because they think it will help the economy and give them a reelection boost

Continually irritated because every time I try to go out in public, the public is there??

@Louisa @balrogboogie I will die on the 'gif with a hard g' hill, it is not jraphics interchange format, anyone who says otherwise (including the creator of the format) can go straight to hell and hang out with the "they're not legos, you should call them LEGO Bricks™" pedants

"Mario is 24", "Hello Kitty is a girl in a cat costume", "gif is pronounced jiff"; look— creators give us things but we don't have to listen to them after that

tired: "I love you"

wired: "You are marked. None can harm you without trespassing me."

Some fucker reminded me that Bee Movie exists and now I'm angry.

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