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medical fundraiser for my sister's cancer treatment 

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explanation of why you should DM me if you follow-request me 

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Things I can help with 

so tonight i cried because I want to be an asshole for it to be seen as belonging here.

i don't have to have your ID ready to go pee and get ready for bed 😬

saying offensive shit just to upset people: not punk loving and respecting one another: punk as fuck

the zoras in breath of the 200+ baby-sitters club books i marathon-read over yesterday and today were incredibly dark. just. wow.

ah, it's that time of night that our window gel cling decorations are fun to overanalyze

*rubs hands together* i'm running pinafore locally on my desk and i'm torn between 🚫 and 🎃

i don't know why but i still perseverate. and i feel good about it.

good news: my sunburn is not illegal to own, but is almost certainly illegal to own, but is almost certainly illegal to carry. so i can keep up with the sheikah slate, so my hyrule compendium will be more visible and i'll be energized by writing it, rather than anxious and frustrated.

testosterone pellets are now implanted in my name 🏴‍☠️

so guess which asshole has arch on a mountaintop and clogged an RV toilet because that's what camping is all about 🏕️

if anyone is wondering, i fully support ddos'ing the blogs of transmisogynists

i need to conceal aspects of myself in order to connect to a 4 year old, i don't have a gui. i don't need to keep going through Learn Python 3 the Hard Way and i relate so deeply to mo's anxiety about everything

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