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explanation of why you should DM me if you follow-request me 

i have anxiety about hatefollowers and stalking. please say hello and tell me some fun fact about yourself if you send me a follow request, so that if i don’t recognize your handle, i can still know both that you're a real person and that you're not a hatelurker. thank you.

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my nintendo switch friend code 


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Things I can help with 


- trans and nonbinary information & resources
- German language (if you're a beginner. I'm at an intermediate level)
- helping you figure out if you're or have or both
- sharing books from my ebook hoard (YA fiction, TOS novels, Baby-Sitters Club, python, java, web development, trans fiction and nonfiction, lgbt studies, American history)
- offering gentle headpats when you're sad :blobpats:

Free new gender for you: gendersmol

Said "friend to friend encryption" as a joke but maybe it's actually good?
I've talked to friends who thought, well, it's encrypted from my end to the server's end, so that's E2EE right?
F2FE makes it clear that some corporation should not be one of the ends.

i don't have a gui. but i have my own account and maintain a corpus!! i'm very excited about starting up the year 1996

The stutter went away with a system restart. I'm sure I could build on this idea more with some experience, but as a tentative experiment I think I'm going to call this done

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This instance just seems like a bunch of bored 12 years old Twitter refugees.
Calling trans people a "trend" and saying idiotic stuff.
The ToS is also literally one sentence (which doesn't seem to be well applied)
Check it out by yourself.


deepfake remaster of the LOTR movies where Gandalf is played by Bernie Sanders, wearing Bernie Sanders clothes, not Gandalf clothes, and doing Gandalf's lines in Bernie's voice.

USA Politics, ableism 

I'm seeing lots of posts without CW about this so I'll add one with it.

Do not mock the president's stutter.

Just like Trump was trash but making fun of his weight was unacceptable, Biden's stutter is off limits too.

household cleaning, unsanitary maybe 

i cleaned the shower walls and the bathroom sink and i feel accomplished. it's extremely satisfying to blast away mildew and reclaim a space from the film of icky organisms that took up visible residence on the shower shelves

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Nonbinary people do not have to bow to any rules made by cis or binary trans people regarding gender.

They know nothing about what it means to be nonbinary, and there is no obligation to make yourself predictable and understandable to them.

They don't get to say who we are.

#nonbinary #nonbinarypositivity #genderbinary #cis #trans ..

computer levels are holding at 02%

(02%) □□□□□□□□□□

the anarchist cookbook never got an updated edition with how to bring down a website or how to break into someone's shit wifi


Please boost and support a Black Deaf Autistic person’s survival fund after escaping domestic violence. Covid and discriminatory and racist landlords mean that they are still looking for safe housing and need support with ongoing needs and expenses!

Thank you!

household pests 

i am frustrated especially because we don't know why tiny flies have suddenly been all over. it's the middle of winter and they seem to be mostly in the bathroom?? i don't see them around the kitchen sink as much as in the bathroom. I'm going to clean the bathroom when I have a moment and try to see if that helps.

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household pests 

there are flies in my house currently (this is a recent development we're still figuring out) and i don't know why they are so desperate to eat my face wash. when i showered last night, i noticed there were at least ten dead flies on the bottle, several trying to get inside the pump??

tired: shitposting wired:shitposting inspired: ‌🇸‌🇭‌🇮‌🇹‌🇵‌🇴‌🇸‌🇹‌🇮‌🇳‌🇬

So a few days ago I said I wanted to talk a bit more about the worldview behind that little book of 1980s lesbian feminist cartoons I have. Because it’s the kind of feminism I remember from when I was a student, and it’s the kind of feminism so many TERFs and their allies in the U.K. started with.

I’ll start with some scans...

bot, potentially bad 

When I was a child I was already a member of the Pirate Party and I still am a member of the Pirate Party today. I've been a member for a long time. I was a member in the Swedish parliament for ten years.

USPol, uwu 

it doesnt surprise me but it does frustrate me that the first posts i saw right after the swearing in ended was "uwu liberal families need to accept their trump supporter family members back and be sensitive to their grief" bitch what? these people were SALIVATING at the opportunity to MURDER PEOPLE and i need to be sensitive to their grief? lmao. fuck every single one of them, may they feel shame every single day of their lives and that goes double for my own family.

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