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Hi, I'm Michaela

I was previously on but am moving to

labels/shorthands: mixed queer trans neurodivergent leftist

I play music for fun and I engineer/problem solve to sell my labor.

My political beliefs are somewhere between "anarcho-syndicalism" and "fully automated luxury gay space communism"

I like dad jokes and terrible puns

I am frequently horny on main and I apologize in advance for that.

Data playing poker with Newton, Einstein, and Hawking is the funniest thing I've seen in star trek in a long time, I'd completely forgotten about that scene

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Stop saying the Dems did nothing to prepare after the Roe decision leaked! They passed that law criminalizing protesting outside Supreme Court justices' houses

I'm transgender, but in the biblically-accurate angel sense. I won't rest until I have 7 dicks, 5 vaginas, and 49 nipples.

Be not afraid.


New tiddies who dis

(feat. surgery bruising)

Ughhh my body was like "oh its 5a time to wake up"

On the plus side I got to catch the tail end of the @ everyone drama on fedi?

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"how's your surgery recovery going?"

"I feel good enough to forget to take more tylenol which then ruins my afternoon while I wait for it to kick back in"

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On this #juneteenth, you can do a couple of things.

If you don't know what
#juneteenth is, please look it up and don't harass Black folks about and/or give money to Black folks, especially those in the LGBTQI+ community as it is Pride month.

Do not, I repeat, do not harass Black folks to explain to you what
#juneteenth is. If you're reading this, that means you're on the internet too. Embrace that.

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Something I have learned thanks to surgery is that I apparently sneeze a lot

Fuuuuuck it hurts so bad

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Michelle Yeoh as Emperor Georgiou is one of the greatest sci-fi characters of all time.


"I'm glad we both get to be ourselves together" is a wonderful summary of how I try to conduct my relationships (quote thanks to my gf)

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fascists / pride events 

I've heard of three different pride events getting attacked by neo-nazis, christian-nationalists, and white supremacist groups this past weekend

* In Texas, a family event was threatened by far-right people who called adults "groomers" and chased children
* In Idaho, armed people stood at the edges of a family pride event and a truckload of 31 neo-nazis was stopped just before attacking the event
* In SF, a library having a childrens pride event was attacked by proud boys

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Mild body horror 

Dude the way my nerves are coming back online after this abdominoplasty is wild. There's a spot where I should be able to reach under a skin fold but it's flat there. And I had an itch inside of me yesterday. My abdomen is somehow both larger and smaller than it should be.

Most of the numbness has been like if I took a bath in lidocaine or my leg fell asleep, but there's a small area of just... Nothing. It feels like I'm touching a sock that's on top of my body.

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roses are red
corpos are shady
france owes billions in reparations to Haiti

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Women love to be like “would you still love me if I woke up one morning and was a huge bug”

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