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Lots of things are social constructs, like race, gender, art and Tuesday.

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Fun fact: homeless people are in fact people just like you and you shouldn't be afraid of talking to them or touching them

(This is in response to the Scottish Government backtracking on self-id; probably not widely reported outwith Scotland.)


she was like "Well Actually people equate youth with attractiveness, therefore you cannot be mistreated" and im here like... first of all the "youth" in question is more like a twenty something than a teen, second we were literally just talking about how fetishistization of a trait can be a facet of oppression? what are you Saying

thinkin about how at my high school we had a social justice class and at some point we were basically introducing concepts and the teacher was like "alright can anyone give me examples of ageism?" and we all started talking about times adults treated us poorly for being teens and the teacher was like "... no not like that"

My theory on why so many of us queers love the cosmic horror aesthetic so much is basically that we're all very used to feeling like the universe around us is illogical cold uncaring nonsense with made up rules and arcane ancient rituals.

"Why am I not allowed to kiss other girls?"
"Why is that activity something that only boys are allowed to do?"
We get vague answers like "Because that's how it's always beeeen!" and "It simply isn't done!!!", and fuck me if that doesn't sound like you're surrounded by an alien cult with rules that don't line up with actual reality. Only natural we start to see the universe that way.

I am thoroughly, disproportionately furious about this article and the fact that it was shoved in my face by Arsebook.

I am a die-hard Korrasami shipper and staunch opponent of Makorra (and of Mako generally :acab:).

I’m having a bath. To hell with saving money; it’s my birthday.

Korra and Mako really don’t have much of a honeymoon period, do they? They get together at the very end of Book 1 and by the first ep of Book 2 they’re already squabbling.

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Hi Mastodon, who wants to hear a really awful joke?

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