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Lots of things are social constructs, like race, gender, art and Tuesday.

mention of TERFs 

Hi Mastodon, I’m feeling pretty overwhelmed by the sheer volume of TERFitude that’s all over the place right now.

The student bowed.
"Master, I am sorry."
"Why were you absent yesterday?" the sword master asked.
"I don't know. I... simply could not get out of bed."
"If this happens again..."
"Allow yourself to stay in bed."
"A blunt sword can be honed. A broken one can not."
#MicroFiction #TootFic #SmallStories


yes, people want to do drugs. we've done so since the dawn of humanity. yes, people will always do so habitually and laws can't change that, the only thing they'll do is worsen our living conditions, thus providing incentive to do more drugs.

yes, some people will get addicted and they need care and recognition as human beings (Portugal, perhaps the most leftist country in Europe in terms of government and electoral politics, is a good example for this).

no, nobody wants to be an addict. nobody wakes up on a Saturday morning thinking "you know what would be great? feeling this soul-crushing craving every day of my life".

and still there are addicts, and we go through this every day of our lives, and whatever bourgeois media wants you to think, WE ARE PEOPLE. WE ARE HUMAN BEINGS deserving of common decency and who have feelings & basics needs & we are more than our addiction.

most of us would prefer not being addicted but this culture would triumphantly walk over our poisoned bodies to make The Drug Problem a non-issue, or blame us for it.

thanks for bearing with me.

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Shout-out to The Weather Girls for their commitment to journalistic integrity, not letting news media cite vague sources in their 1982 hit "It's Raining Men"

> "According to our sources"

> "What sources now?"

LotRposting, death 

I'm just saying, if tens of thousands of people die every time a hobbit goes on an adventure, maybe they should just stay home

@melivia @jimpjorps headcannon? why he was the greatest king of the franks there ever was

one of the things I hate most about politics, all politics, left and right, is the objectification of people, the reduction of people to their usefulness to a cause. We are so much more than just blocks of power to be built. Yes, I believe in the strength of us together, I believe in the masses, I believe in community and its abilities. But I fundamentally believe that any effort to organize people must view them as people, must be open to the real concerns of whoever we're looking in the eye.

When the Vikings sent ships to pillage the east coast of Yorkshire, I hope that one of those Vikings had a t-shirt which said BORN TO RAZE HULL.

Just so you know: I'm feeling spellbindingly homosexual.

@melivia @kittybecca Constantly insisting that heavily armed warships are, in fact, research vessels just screams "we are violating naval proliferation treaties."

Jake Sisko doesn’t get much screentime on DS9, but the episodes that centre on him are some of my favourites: watching _… Nor the Battle to the Strong_ just now.

An infamous transphobe, albeit not featuring any of his transphobia; animal excrement 

I made a thing. It is exactly as juvenile as it appears to be.

I say this because people often assume it has something to do with energy or not _wanting_ to do stuff. Although I also have problems with low energy, that’s something separate.

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A few weeks ago I thought of a good analogy for executive dysfunction: it’s like wanting to drive somewhere in a car, and the engine is working fine, but you step on the pedal, the engine revs up, but the car doesn’t move because the handbrake is on.

Dear admins of the Fediverse,

You alone are not responsible for what people on your instance do.


You are responsible for what you do when someone else tells you about a misbehaving person on your instance.

If you're not comfortable with that you shouldn't run an instance or go work for Twitter.

Signed with love,
Zoë :fuchsia:

@melivia also apparently considered were Richard Dean Anderson and Pierce Brosnan

Whaaaat!? Peter Capaldi was apparently considered for the rôle of Benjamin Sisko.

@melivia @jasonscheirer @anarchiv @breakfastgolem it's the same dick-measuring as eating pepper sauce with so many Scovilles your children will be unable to taste food

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