As I fill bags of donations with all the useless junk I have, I fantasize about my family eulogizing me at my funeral, and how I wrestled with my demons, the foremost of which is probably just slovenliness

My favorite thing is to think about myself. When I was younger I thought about other people, now I think about the ways my brain works - when will I tear my eyes away from this man vs self navel gazing, and what could replace the most fascinating subject in the universe

How can I be freed from the anxieties my mind is always turning over, like a Rubik's Cube in hand?

My anxieties have matured with me 😬😬😬

I have no (right to express this opinion) but I must (express this opinion)

I got this ugly planner for xmas, so I'm gonna put my ugliest, whiniest thoughts and complaints in there. Let's see if I can contain and compartmentalize, rather than wallowing this year

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irrational fear #436:
the prospect of genuine friendship

Wow I just had a phone conversation that didn't make me want to die

I have lived many lifetimes during a tetris 99 match

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shamelessly stealing any bit of happiness i can grab with my greasy little paws fuck you 2021

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the profile picture i use really influences the way i act, i think.

So I write fragments of fiction - spurts of ideas that result in works ranging from a few paragraphs to short stories, usually post apocalyptic in nature - and I would love to post them anonymously somewhere for feedback etc. Can anybody recommend online spaces that are related to that?

Fuck it. Put on channel orange, let's feel this shit

In my happiest, most peaceful moods the tetriminoes that are always dropping in my mind fall harmoniously

I'm an atheist, but could I be an atheist with an imagination? What if Igave personhood to a concept, or wrote letters or emails to a... person, a god? An idea? A comfort? That wouldn't be so unreasonable, would it?

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But on walks I would pass a house with what looked like a rudimentary shrine starring a concrete frog, and I liked singing in church choirs. And there's a part of myself - it felt like a betrayal - that scrabbled desperately for comfort (cosmic, religious) when terrible things happened or more precisely, when I did terrible things I couldn't deal with

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Either it wasn't there or I couldn't recognize it, when I was a teenager and a young adult - I only knew I wanted nothing to do with the judeochristian god, who was too cruel (it seemed), and who required too much cruelty

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