Update, Dec. 21: Since the Russian government began censoring our website & network earlier this month, we've been actively helping users circumvent that censorship. We've answered more than 1,000 support tickets from Russian users trying to connect...

And thanks to our amazing relay operators who have spun up many more bridges, we've been able to keep Russian users connected to Tor and the free + open internet. 🇷🇺 🧅

Users in Russia can circumvent censorship by requesting a Tor bridge using our Telegram bot (@GetBridgesBot), using Tor Browser's bridge configuration settings, by visiting our website (bridges.torproject.org), or by sending an email to bridges@torproject.org.

Last week, OONI 🐙 launched a new report about the censorship against Tor in Russia, which shows the different censorship methods the Russian government is using. This report also shows that the censorship isn't uniform across the country.


This week we saw Roscomnadzor block hackerncoder's mirrors of torproject.org, again making it much more difficult for journalists, human rights defenders, activists, and marginalized or vulnerable people to access Tor and our resources.

You can make a difference for users in Russia by running a Tor bridge. Bridges are relatively easy & low bandwidth to operate, & they have a big impact. By running a Tor bridge, you help people bypass censorship. Make it a holiday project! 🌉 ✨

Here's how:

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