Maybe people will finally stop trying to get me to listen to Daft Punk now lol

Oh boy the soul crushing loneliness hittin big 2dayyyyy

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uspol, txpol, austin, police abolition 

"Austin City Council approves the purchase of a hotel to permanently house people experiencing chronic homelessness USING DOLLARS CUT FROM THE POLICE BUDGET"

When we say defund and reallocate, this is what that looks like.

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TW | Racism against Indigenous folks 

Lol can we stop glorifying Canada and acting like it's not a settler state too. Just because they have healthcare you don't get to pretend like the racism against Indigenous people is in a thing.

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amazon (-) 

No, Jeff Bezos is not stepping down from Amazon. He is stepping up from CEO to Executive Chairman.
And, it literally would make absolutely no difference in Amazon whatsoever if he was actually leaving the company

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Black history is also queer history, it is neurodivergent and disabled history. It is world history, it is art history, it is music history, it is science history. Imagine where we'd be if people acted like it.

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general whining, travel 

Lol people /say/ they value my friendship but then don't ever bother to reach out to me to plan doing anything. I've never been on a major trip with a friend that wasn't to where they lived, they've never mentioned any desire to come visit me or go somewhere with me (obviously this does not include for $ reasons but also like bitch I plan the cheapest trips wtf) 🙄

Honestly the more I am reading about SOPHIE the more I realize how absolutely instrumental the artist was to so much music I love.
Solo work: Song the artist has produced:

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read about abuse. learn how it works. there are patterns to it. you'll start recognizing it at all levels, from your own inner critic, your family and friends, your community, all the way up to government policy and international relations. it will make a lot of things make more sense

same goes for trauma, read up on it. you'll be that much better equipped to support your friends through hard times

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Joe Biden has been president for ten days and there are still concentration camps at the border.

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Today on songs I feel like sharing and also my response to comments I hate:

UwU it's very dumb but I just got a pretty good raise and while my work is a hellscape at least I'm getting paid a bit more to be in it

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Ok all so I have always struggled a bit with a bird site format so I think I am just going to treat this like picking up where I left off from the photo site and the data mining site owned by the conglomerate but also I miss a lot of things about the blog site that doesn't exist anymore because it hates sex workers and bodies so I'm excited for content warnings and effective tagging again. I am kinda shitposting so​ ​:dealwithitparrot:​ strap in

Hey all, I'm Meg, I'm an all around queer person (she/they) with introverted and analytical tendencies.
When I'm not exhausted by the world, I like camping & other outdoor stuff, reading/researching, discovering new music, finding new vegetarian recipes, and working towards liberation for all. I'm a social historian and a "jack of all trades, master of none" type IT tech worker.
Posts will prolly follow those interests. No bootlickers & 18+ pls if you follow (:

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