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Ugh, at least I got what I intended to buy: soil and pvc pipes.

Droga, devaria nunca ir na loja de sozinha... cada vez compro mais e sementes. 😅

Also, who here has a personal website and/or uses ? I'm looking at moving away from and want to consolidate my data. I'm looking at as a flat site generator, or going the route (maybe ?)

After evaluating the current laptops on the market, I ended up with a MacBook pro because I trust ever so slightly more than and the other companies are notorious for & breaches. I would love to have a or machine, but I don't want to spend extra time making it do what I want. Blargh

"In short, do whatever it takes to ensure they have no reason to .
This is how these companies get away with treating a subset of their workers so badly: these workers rarely amass enough company-specific knowledge or access to have any significant bargaining power, and thus easily are replaced. The ones who do have leverage[] you can count on to be sheepishly loyal to the corporations on account of their paychecks and the free office La Croix."

I'm so in life to live with my best friends. I caught a cold and my roommate made me amazing soup and served me in bed!

YouTube is rubbish. It's a torrent of shite recommendations "'Fiction is outperforming reality': how YouTube's algorithm distorts truth"

i finally finished my blog post on web #accessibility practices in #VueJS !! 💪🏽💥

i cover how vue works, using ARIA, dynamically setting the title using vue-router, and managing focus using directives 🌼

really enjoyed this one 🌈 @sehurlburt 💕

On the hope of regulating technology companies into not being evil, or being a bit less evil. Evil lite. I don't think this is going to work unless by regulation they mean the rigorous application of anti-monopoly laws. Just levying fines or talking in a stern manner isn't going to cut it, because that's happened to Microsoft and Google in Europe previously, with no subsequent behavior change.

I think a much better strategy than trying to regulate international megacorporations is to invest in democratic control of information infrastructure. Municipal mesh, funding Free Software development and things similar to that. If you're going to regulate then do things like switching IT funding for schools and publicly run organizations from Microsoft and Google software licenses to FOSS and FOSS-based maintenance. Zero percent of public money should be going to the usual monopolists.

Tonight is , I will be going out to drink and kvetch with my badass bitches.

Instead of being corporately productive, I've spent the morning playing with building a new personal site. Using . Whoops

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