You know what I want out of Dat/IFPS/whatever? A shared calendar (say, family-wide, or workgroup-wide) that doesn't need a centralized server. And accessible on my phone, even when offline. Is something like that possible?

if you know anyone who has not joined mastodon yet and is into activism and campaigning can you send them this link #openweb

How to get people to use mastodon?

"Get off Facebook anyone? Fill up the new ranks? Try a no spy alternative? Support activists efforts for a respectful social media ethos?

Why don't we people jump on it? Are we already tired of social media? yet another account... or too much at home on Facebook and the others?

Are we waiting for the next tsunami news before we move away? Are we in dis belief that something can be done against the corporated giants?" (fb post...)

heads up, if for some ungodly reason you're still using facebook, theyre now starting to push spyware under the guise of a VPN on the ios app.

@river I went with for now - I started fiddling with and decided that I need something that is less hands-on whilst I'm doing a lot of front end dev at work. I'm using as my VPS.

As Let’s Encrypt grows, the number of HTTPS-protected websites on the web tends to grow too. Every website protecte… source:

Ok, preliminary site set up, but no real content as of yet. My goal for this weekend is to fill it up with some older posts from or old blogs

You know it's time to go to bed when you start making up your own version of "modern major general" ((I am the very model of an engineer electrical!))

@chrisaldrich Oooooh, there's a fantastic idea! I would have loved that when I was in university.

Oh man, what a weekend! Looks like this will be a very busy week.

Y'all remember DirectConnect? Kazaa? WASTE? Restroshare? You know, software where you could offer your entire media collection for share and people could browse and download as they liked?

What's the modern version of that, which

a) works, stably; and
b) is cross-platform at least to Linux and Windows?

#p2p #filesharing #decentralized

Ok hi tech journalists, if some software/hardware organization/corporation releases a patch for Meltdown in their products, PLEASE don't report that as "a patch for meltdown and spectre" unless Spectre is ALSO patched. Thank you.

@federicomena thanks! Haha, I guess this is where my electrical engineer side shows more!

I just got the book "The Meditations of Marcus Aurelius" and I have to say, it's fantastic so far.

I'm looking for work in #webdevelopment/#devops. If you know of a job opening that I might qualify for, or if you need work done in that area on a freelance basis, please let me know.

Here's my resume:

(You can also see some of my recent work at !)

With all the rain, my greenhouse collapsed. I will rebuild it with a better roof setup.

you realize it's time to start planning your trip. has gotten gigantic these last few years. But, luckily, so has :3

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