Also, who here has a personal website and/or uses ? I'm looking at moving away from and want to consolidate my data. I'm looking at as a flat site generator, or going the route (maybe ?)

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@maslow I'm using jekyll and can't really complain. Point is, if you go the static site generation route - you're not really locked in. It's markdown all the way down and easy to migrate between tools.

@mulander I've never used before! I kinda have been stuck in backend, low level ++

@maslow I'm rather happy with Pelican for my blog -

The docs are pretty good. I wish they had more cut&pasteable recipes for dealing with Jinja (what it uses for templating), but I don't think I have any outstanding issues with it.

@maslow yeah, it's good! I had no idea what I was doing with the templates, but it works. Pelican's docs are good. I like that it lets you "make devserver" to look at your site in localhost:8000, and it monitors file changes and regenerates the site appropriately.

@maslow I'd say jekyll hosted on gitlab or github (then everything is in one place but you can move out easilly).
The learning curve is not too hard and you don't need to do a lot of maintenance once the setup is done.
You don't really need to know ruby, you'll be ok following tutorials.

It is a simple tool, so it might be hard to do complex pages or add a plugin that adds <latest technology to do something making your CPU 100% to render it>.

@kyzh Good to know! has been listed a lot on the forums and blogs I've been reading.

@maslow I also prefer static site generators.
Hugo[0] seems to be the cool new kid around the block. It's written in Go and has many features, theme support etc. (it even comes with integrated org-mode support)
Jekyll[1] is pretty mature and if you just want to blog the default is perfectly fine. That's what I use (or would use if I would finally publish my blog). You generally don't need to know Ruby to customize it (afaict)
In the Java world there is JBake[2], which is inspired from Jekyll.

@fap Oooh, interesting. Thank you, I am fascinated by static site generators.

@maslow I use jekyll, but am now builidng a new site in rails. Static site generators are very nice and the way to go if posible, but I wanted to experiment with more dynamic stuff, specifically friends only posts, webmention, LDN, micropub...

@river That makes sense. I am currently toying with vuejs in my work research for a new frontend framework, so I know that feeling about wanting dynamic sites.

@maslow I also thought about just adding separate services that work on the static files. I think that's probably a good idea, but still going for monolith now for maybe easier hacking / experimenting with everything in a database.

@maslow I've played with WordPress, Grav and Ghost. WordPress w/ plugins supports most of the "fun" functionality like webmentions and micropub easily, then Grav, and lastly Ghost which is very bare "bones" (forgive the pun).

Grav and Ghost may require more tinkering depending on the functionality you're looking for. Perhaps base your decision on how much tinkering/building vs writing you want to do?

The iw wiki has examples of sites for all of them for reference.

@maslow All three are fun and have reasonable import/export, so you can't go too wrong if you want to switch after a while. I know some who switch platforms twice a year just for fun.

@chrisaldrich Yes! The wiki is a bit overwhelming, because I don't really want to use WordPress, but it's difficult to make a decision without knowing what I want.

@maslow With the changing state of the art, it's even hard to know what you want because there are so many new and fun things to play with.

@chrisaldrich omg, I know! I'm currently very fascinated by your site setup. I love the concept of a commonplace book. 📖❣️

@maslow I've used Hugo for some projects.

Plenty of Hugo themes available

@voidspace @maslow

What do you like about grav? I've been eyeing Hugo and Jekyll.

@RussSharek @maslow

Well, being a minimalist, but non-geek, I appreciate its simplicity and flexibility.

For example, I can use the "admin" facility / plugin where I have a full dashboard, etc. But if I want to edit a page locally, I can do so and ftp the resulting edits to my web host.

I'm encountering a problem creating a blog section though, it's not as straightforward as Wordpress for example.

@voidspace @maslow

I'm wondering if this has any advantages over a static site.

The fact that you're having issues creating a blog using blog software worries me.

@RussSharek @maslow

Well, one section of the sight would be the blog - but it may become an integral element.

I guess you could try it yourself, and see. :)

@voidspace @maslow

Looking at the grav docs now. What's going wrong with your blog install?

@RussSharek @maslow

Well, I can create a Blog "parent "page, and entries (as "items" stemming from the parent), but a) I can't find a way to avoid a drop-down menu being created from the "Blog" link which show's every entry in it, instead of going to the parent (Blog) page and listing all the entries there.

I've asked about this on the forum, but have had no response.

@voidspace @maslow


I took a look at the docs, and it seems REALLY complex for a simple blog. Versatile though, and database free.

@RussSharek @maslow

I'm open to other suggestions and experimentation at this early stage. *Really* want to avoid WP, and need something simple. Doesn't *have* to be flatfile though.

@voidspace @maslow

Have a look at Hugo. It renders static websites from markdown files, and then you upload those files to your server. Really simple to get going, and simple html to tweak to get your theme worked out.

@RussSharek @voidspace @maslow

I started using hugo for it seems nice for a blogging tool and generating static sites saves you from a lot of security worries :)

@voidspace @maslow

I will say grav seems fairly powerful...which may be part of the problem when the goal is to slap some words onto the internet quickly.

@RussSharek @voidspace @maslow Have you grabbed the Gantry5 bit to Grav?

It adds a lot more controls for people like me with little coding skills. In there you'll find... templates (though I feel like Grav uses that word for something else). So I can have a "normal" blog page and say an image gallery blog page.

Sorry if that doesn't make sense. I am new to Grav as well. Got the site up & didn't retain a lot.

@sikkdays @RussSharek @maslow

Thanks for the tip. I've managed to overcome the initial "blog problem" I had - partly by luck, I think. :)

@voidspace If you find a way to make a decent gallery in Grav let me know. Right now I'm using some HTML in my markdown file to make it work. ( )

Reading your bio reminds me that there's a couple of audio experiments I want to do. Gotta get working on that.


I'll let you know (about the gallery). I'm trying to persuade my wife to not be so shy about her amazing iPad art.

What kind of audio experiments did you have in mind?

@voidspace Well, I call them experiments because my self-esteem is too low to consider myself an artist when it comes to music. 😔 I have a pair of Teenage Engineering Pocket Operators that I want to play with more to make music. I also want to take a friend's Youtube series and create a composition using the sounds in her videos.


That (particularly the YouTube composition) sounds like an awesome idea.

I'm a musician who calls themselves a non-musician. ;)

@maslow You could take a look at #known ( . It has a lot of #IndieWeb features already built in. I'm using ghost for the stories I write because I ❤️ the publishing interface but until Ghost Apps are a thing, integrating with #indieweb stuff seems like a lot of work..

@maslow I would recommend against #ghost because when I used it, upgrades were excessively painful.

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