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Sasha Maslow @maslow

Hi there! I'm Maslow, I work in software/electrical engineering on satellites and am a bisexual lady.

I'm really interested in , , , , , and .

I love my big, floofy dog, and currently live in Washington, DC.

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Welcome to the awesome!! :blobowo: It's super gay here. 😊

@JakeKof Thank you! I love super gay spaces <3

@uranther Thank you! I'm stoked to be here 👾

@maslow Welcome to the fediverse. I'm also interested in SSB, and made a mesh network system which can be found at

@maslow Welcome! Hope you find a great community here.

@maslow Hello! You're in the right place, I suspect.

@maslow Question: How awesome is it to work on satellites?

@ralph yay! It's so nice to know others share your interests 👩‍💻