Taking Hard Line, Greece Turns Back Migrants by Abandoning Them at Sea


"The Greek government has secretly expelled more than 1,000 refugees from Europe’s borders in recent months, sailing many of them to the edge of Greek territorial waters and then abandoning them in inflatable and sometimes overburdened life rafts."

Bodies of 22 migrants and refugees retrieved off Libya's coast

"After days spent collecting testimonies from survivors, speaking to relatives of the missing people and cross-checking, we can now confirm at least four shipwrecks took place in the central Mediterranean between 17 and 20 August," [AlarmPhone, an activist network alerting authorities of boats in distress in the Mediterranean] said.


Trading Misery for Death: The Tragic Death of a Sudanese Poet

Latinos’ tragic departure last week sent shock waves among his friends and poetry fans in Sudan. Adding to the tragedy was the realization that the way he died was a perfect demonstration of a scenario that was depicted in his recent verse
You’ll die at sea.
Your head rocked by the roaring waves,
your body swaying in the water,
like a perforated boat.
In the prime of youth you’ll go,
shy of your 30th birthday.

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