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Has anyone found a solution to the Android bug where you'll start typing and nothing appears until you exit out and reopen the app? It happens on all apps using the default Google keyboard.

The development of Mastodon as a code base personifies this mantra because it bills itself as an ethical alternative to twitter, but in reality it replicates many of the same issues twitter has, especially in terms of privacy because it flat out refuses to consider the specific needs of marginalized and vulnerable communities in online spaces.

There is so much hostility specifically from white progressive spaces to communities that do not align themselves with its ideals.

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Reclaimed use of the "Q word". 

I'm listening to the playlist in my dressing gown but I'm picturing myself in a cut off black t with a leather jacket perched over my shoulder, combat boots, and perfect black eyeliner so it still counts.

I wanna convince more of my friends to join the fediverse but most are social media'd out

I don't want to hear how hard it is to build apps, software for historically vulnerable communities. Don't tell me how frustrating it is to connect with marginalized people to 'help' them.

Hard is women having to hide their identities because sexist ass dudes won't leave them alone.

Hard is Black/Brown folks having to deal with unrelenting streams of hateful and racist bullshit just to be online.

If you want to help, put in the work. Otherwise, shut up.

@ArtistMarciaX @marxxndotphoenix Also not quite on point because Black people's anger as a response to racism and fictional portrayals of Black people's anger tend to be discussed separately, but this Audre Lorde presentation from 1981 on anger as a response to racism is worth it in itself (and would be an excellent resource for creating and critiquing fictional portrayals).

@lj_writes @ArtistMarciaX @marxxndotphoenix Yeah, pretty much.

It's coming pretty clear that the core of most of the issues we see, if not all.

@Are0h @ArtistMarciaX @marxxndotphoenix but that would take actual introspection and a willingness to change, and most won't do that work.

@lj_writes @ArtistMarciaX @marxxndotphoenix A lot of people don't realize how many of their core beliefs and perspectives on the world are just marketing campaigns that bigots turned into culture.

With not that much effort, one can easily find the origin of a lot of prejudices still in play to this day.

@ArtistMarciaX @marxxndotphoenix A brief search only reveals discussions of the general "angry Black woman" and it's surprisingly hard to find portrayals of anger as a specific response to racism or angry Black men, for that matter. This history of the Sapphire caricature does touch on the issue. It's telling how Michelle Obama didn't even have to show anger to provoke white outrage--she was branded as angry and threatening for merely hinting the U.S. is not perfect.

AP Frank Wilderson's FB live 

Anyone have resources I can read/watch/listen to about portrayals of Black anger (in response to anti-Black violence/an anti-Black world) in media, particularly film and TV?

If you don't want people asking for support on your precious newsfeed, maybe tackle the structures that force them to ask for support, yeah???

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sex work, mutual aid 


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