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I been MIA from here. All I do is play video games with barely anything coherent to say. First was obsessed with Monster Sanctuary and now playing Stardew Valley.

Back to scholarly posts on my ✌🏾scholarship✌🏾
Working around this:
There must be destabilizing imagery & praxis in decolonial efforts.

The beauty & palpability of whiteness is that it doesn’t force people to engage critically or rip apart their own ego.

That’s why certain ppl use their proximity of hyper racialized ethnicities within a us centric lens to exploit our pain

‘Brown’ and “POC” when used incorrectly, are political and dangerous and not correct or liberators.

welsh police violence / death of black person / crowdfunding 

This is the GoFundMe page for Mohamud Mohammed Hassan, who died after receiving many severe injuries while in police custody in Cardiff. The family is looking for money to pay for legal fees because the police are currently saying there was no misconduct.

Donation link:

Further context:


Have spent a good chunk of the day making a playlist inspired by the book. It's mostly a mashup of all my other playlists lmao. Have picked songs but not ordered it yet

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Haven't been able to focus enough to read much recently. Managing just to stay on top of study group readings and some essays but otherwise this is the first time in a while I've been able to immerse myself in some reading.

Finished rereading Freshwater this morning and having massive gender feels.

If you are following the u.s. elections, how are you taking care of your spirit today?

Also, I find it very very interesting all the people who have been extremely vocal in the past about centring Black people in organising as "too myopic" or "exclusive" now leading groups that do just that cuz the convo has shifted and "Black shit" is in right now*.

*It's not actually "in" and Black revolutionary theories and practices are still shunned but appearing to support blm and "Black organising" is in to a certain degree

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There's a script for the way certain critiques or even just questions are dismissed.

But then when your group is "suddenly" all white or predominately non-Black even tho you claim to be/working/with Black communities you're all "oh but how did this happen? Where did all the Black people go?"

Well, you dismissed and shunned us to the point where we were just like yeah fuck it nevermind

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Thinking about LBs and related convos:

I don't have much experience in academic settings but "activist" spaces are rampant with that shit. And the same language Black feminists have created to both be specific about their experiences and to use to build solidarity with different non-Black communities has been horribly appropriated and used against Black people, most often Black transpeople and cis women to silence critical engagement.

@CaribenxMarciaX I feel like this also has come with the fetishization and misunderstanding of experiential learning. Scholars of color, indigenous scholars, Black scholars, opened a teeny, tiny space to breathe, a demand that people take seriously their embodied knowledge. And all whiteness knows how to do with that is co opt and exploit. So now you have white people claiming experiential learning that is not theirs, as if experiential learning does not require rigor, the rigor of being in your body constantly.

An ammendum: its not just academia but academia creates a certain foundation that has been then seeped into other online spaces


activist spaces

everywhere but im mostly trying to point out the language created by whiteness and how that affects and gives ppl the liberty to be fake gaslighting liars :)

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Lastly, this is an issue that is so specific to academia in how we're given access to certain studies and by whom...also who was able to develop certain scholarships (looking at Chicana studies and Latina feminist phenomenology & its whiteness) and lastly...who is the most palpable within this kind of work.

Again, yes, it's the light brites, its the white passing, its the white Latines bc latinidad serves whiteness. then theres the joy of claiming corporeal experience that isnt urs.

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I was particularly interested in connecting with people who are engaged in a revolutionary praxis towards a world *without* anti-Blackness, capitalism, cisheteropatriarchy, imperialism, hierarchy.

For now, I plan to still be around overall, just significantly less active. Though, as of right now, I'm still happy to engage in generative convos with peeps here.

Just wanted to give an update.

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I've not been on here much recently as you may have noticed (or not). Been angered and upset by how Black people are being harmed and pushed off this platform. And disappointed in the consistent failures of SM platforms in general to be decent (not even asking for "good" or "safe" just less shit lmao) spaces for Black people to have presence and build communities amongst ourselves and with other people.

Antisemitism sees only one thing in the great, variegated width of Jewish thought and opinion: opportunity to exculpate itself. Meanwhile, Jews remain, rightfully, independent of what you all think is or isn’t Jewishness, what is or isn’t an attack on it. Jews are people, not footballs to be squabbled over

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People 'of color' that 'do antiracism work' but are not building communities where ppl are darker, a different race to them, and existing within various intersections, and are also comfortable enough to check them when theyre wrong... are creating an echo chamber, not doing 'the work'

bc Blk ppl are just used for intellectual or emotional labor in the guise of advancement but then are left behind both in the analysis and materially

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