Is something retrograde right now or is there something else going on? cuz my energies are absolutely not right rn

Responding to a q about how to do political education in a moment when everything is moving so quickly:

"How do we prioritise building relationships, which is not as organic or as easy or as straightforward as I think we imagine... I'm trying to think about what the relationality of revolt actually is in learning. Learning is intimate. Learning is vulnerable. Learning is intense; it's emotionally intensive... Political education at its best has all of these things." --Felicia Denaud

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"there's a way in which the stories of us being traumatised can only be consumed to a certain level and then we forget about people, including the people who are new political prisoners" --Joy James

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"Black death can't be the momentum the left relies on all the time... I'm interested in how we can begin to pull out these other critiques that Black resistance makes." --Felicia Denaud

Deleted previous post cuz I have the article now.

Writing Opportunity, BIPOC 

There seems to be some interesting conversations happening within uk blm rn.

I've been watching a lot of his interviews recently and when you watching them back to back the gender dynamics seem more obvious .

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I enjoyed FBW3's interview in the mail and guardian. Tho I do wish places did more to interview people who aren't cis men about AP. (I know his recent interviews are part of his book tour tho but still. He could be invited alongside someone else ya know.)

Hartman's way with words is just--

If I had even 1/100000th of that talent...

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I just reread this and it hit just like it did the first time.

Interview with Saidiya Hartman - The White Review

Just a reminder that the US is celebrating "independence" today while still holding Puerto Rico, the (US) Virgin Islands, American Samoa, Guam, and the Northern Mariana Islands as colonies.

Dionne Brand: On narrative, reckoning and the calculus of living and dying | The Star

"The repetition of “when things return to normal” as if that normal, was not in contention....But, I and many other people hate that normal. Who would one have to be to sit in that normal restfully, to mourn it, or to desire its continuance?"

"These hymns we’ve heard, these enticements to something called the normal, gesture us toward complicity."

Chicago stuff 

I woke up feeling well-rested for the first time in forever. This is such an unfamiliar feeling lolsob

FOSS videos not by FOSS bros 

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That was really good. I wish I had known about it sooner so maybe we coulda watched together.

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Today is last day to watch Sweet Sugar Rage on Lux.

From their site: "a 1985 doc by Sistren Theatre Collective, the working class women’s theatre collective founded in Kingston, Jamaica in 1977. In plays, workshops & film Sistren stage the histories and experience of black Caribbean women at the intersection of patriarchal oppression, racism and social class, to promote education, employments rights, unionisation, reproductive rights and decolonisation."

Random but sometimes I wish I hadn't quit the HS debate team after freshman year.

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