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Can you test the installation instructions for kepi, and let me know whether they work?

If not, can you boost and ask your friends?

Thank you all <3

Stallman, conspiracy theories 

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@RobinHood @KitsuneAlicia there's a browser game from several years back called Minotaur China Shop where you are a minotaur trying to live your dream of retailing fine porcelain. It's a shopkeeper style game where you try to fulfill customer orders, but your controls are very clumsy, and if you exceed a certain amount of destroyed stock your minotaur insurance kicks in and your scoring method changes to wrecking the shop as much as possible

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sexual abuse, RMS, CW please 

Remember MUSHROOM.EXE, the 1990s meme?
RT because it deserves to go round again.

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medicine shortages UK 


Maybe if the remote server says 410, that's necessarily verification that the deletion request should be honoured.

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How can you verify a request from a remote user to delete themselves?

1) remote user deletes their account
2) their server sends us a "delete" activity
3) we attempt to verify this activity
4) we look up the user's public key
5) the remote server very reasonably says "410 Gone"
6) verification fails
7) we ignore the request

This is issue 30:

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grant me the strength not to install windows just to play the goose game

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Do you like data? Do you like standards? Do you like public good? Do you like co-operating and flat org structures and a good work life balance and not just chasing $$? Open Data Services Co-op are hiring: non-dev techie data standards roles. Fully remote. Check it out. #coop #cooplife

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A request, please boost.

Anyone who does podcasts in the IT/infosec/hacking world... I would like to be a guest sometime if you'd have me...

I need to up BlackFire's visibility, and as such, talking is a great way to do that.

So, if you are ever looking for a guest/stand in co-host/ whatever... I am available.

Why is there no ActivityPub validator site? Do I have to write one?!

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"Be gay do crimes" is such an unproductive philosophy.

I prefer "be intersectionally queer, rewrite the laws and enforce them compassionately."

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As we forded the river, my brother picked up three rocks. We climbed the bank, and he put two on the ground, the third atop.
"A shrine," he said.
"For whom?"
"For any lost god who needs one. Everyone deserves a home."
We looked back at the land we'd had to leave, then walked on.
#MicroFiction #TootFic #SmallStories

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Untitled Goose Game hard mode: you play a peacock. Your honk is even scarier to the humans, but your mobility is limited by your tail. You can pick up your tail to move faster, but that makes humans pay attention to you

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Plenty of life is learning how to game yourself and your inescapable addiction to dopamine. Don't feel bad about it, it's the way we're built. Use it.

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Tiny spider, football 

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