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Me trying out Talk Like A Pirate Day 

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The KDE community endorses the Global Climate Strike tomorrow, September 20th. See

"There is no Free Software on a dead planet."

Find your local march on


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Swans being removed from Thames in preparation for a rowing competition, circa 1900

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no one:

white people: steals Black music in various forms for over a century, ruins it, creates an organisation that makes it illegal to copy music without paying massive royalties and says "don't steal from artists".

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What's a pirate's favourite letter? 

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Quidditch in 2009 was this ridiculous sport that "real athletes" didn't take seriously and it was fun and silly and weird

By ~ 2014 it was overrun by dudebros who had made "turning quidditch into a legit sport" one of the official goals of the quidditch association

I kind of want to do this to a legit sport, but in reverse

Get a bunch of non-athletes, nerds, queer people, weirdos, whoever, invade that sport, take it over and start slowly changing rules so that it eventually becomes Calvinball

gaslighting, faith, noodling 

phone: Yesterday you spent 35 minutes walking
me: cool
phone: more?
me: go on
phone: you spent 35 minutes on buses, 220 minutes daydreaming, 62 minutes in the loo, including 22 minutes making faces in the mirror, 18 minutes naked, 21 minutes up trees
me: ok stop

The first rule of Fibonacci club is you do not talk about Fibonacci club.

The second rule of Fibonacci club is you do not talk about Fibonacci club.

The third rule of Fibonacci club is you do not talk about Fibonacci club you do not talk about Fibonacci club.

Screenshot of text.

Twitter user VA5SCA:
I know languages evolve. But this is a massive change for some, and I have trouble writing "they" for one person.

I'll eventually learn to bow to the inevitable, but can I at least protest politely that it's bad grammar?

Twitter user yukionna413:
I too like to argue with dictionaries

Here's a font to draw keyboards. You can write /PHRUFr and get the keyboard diagram in the picture.

Computer porn 

Computer porn, bestiality 

Computer porn, bestiality 

Computer porn 

Computer porn 

Good morning. Here is the story of my first exposure to computer porn.

I made a bot which grabs pictures off Wikipedia, and replaces faces with an animation of Karl Marx looking around the room: (possibly nudity at that link)

Why did I do this? I really don't know. I forget. Maybe I was drunk. Who knows?

Anyway, should it live on the fediverse too?

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