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Remember MUSHROOM.EXE, the 1990s meme?
RT because it deserves to go round again.


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homophobia, sex mention, assault mention 

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Twitter user @.41Strange:
Swiss psychiatrist Hermann Rorschach
(1884-1922) inventor of the Rorschach

(photo of Rorschach)

Twitter user @.Destructicus54
Why does he look like Brad Pitt?

Twitter user @.Frankieleohart
Is that what he looks like?

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Twitter user VA5SCA:
I know languages evolve. But this is a massive change for some, and I have trouble writing "they" for one person.

I'll eventually learn to bow to the inevitable, but can I at least protest politely that it's bad grammar?

Twitter user yukionna413:
I too like to argue with dictionaries

Here's a font to draw keyboards. You can write /PHRUFr and get the keyboard diagram in the picture.


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