I found this epigram in a book from 1817, though I think you could easily use the same joke in standup comedy today.

Three daughters Otho hath, his onely heirs,
But will by no means let them learn to write;
'Cause, after his own humour, much he fears,
They'l one day learn, Love-letters to indite.
The yongest now's with childe; who taught her then,
Or of her self learn'd she to hold her pen ?

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This is "the teletext". It shows you upcoming events from Facebook and Google calendars, and pictures. I made it out of bits and pieces we had lying around.

Yesterday I finished porting it to the Raspberry Pi. At some point I'll package it so everyone else can have a go.

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“Gay liberation is not a ‘cultist deviation’
it is a movement embodying the revolutionary will of the oppressed!”.

Melbourne, 1973(?). Graffitist and photographer unknown. False colour added by me.

Clue's in the name, folks

[picture: quiz question asking for the capital of the Roman Empire]

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