here's some random stranger covering my filk of Hallelujah. (With credit to Kit for a useful suggestion!)

I heard there was a coffee shop
Beside a Jubilee Line stop
I mentioned I would meet you there for luncheon
You waited there till after dark
I've missed a train at Finsbury Park
And somehow I've arrived at Clapham Junction


I called you then and said we'd meet
In Russell Square or Baker Street
But all the escalators ceased to function.
I've seen your face at Marble Arch
I might get home again by March
But every place I turn is Clapham Junction.

Maybe still you wait above,
and maybe still you dream of love
by which I mean a game called hide the truncheon;
I'm waiting for a cancelled train
I'm standing in the pouring rain
It's a cold and it's a hopeless Clapham Junction

@marnanel Sounds a lot like Mornington Crescent (with the tuesday afternoon rules and the Bakerloo variation).

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