When I was a kid, there was always a key marked "Return". These days it's always "Enter".

When did we reach the point of no Return?

@marnanel One likely answer: When Nu Shooz released "Point of No Return" in September 1986.

@marnanel I have a "return" button on a relatively new laptop keyboard :)

@marnanel Huh? Mine's return, on *checks* well my internal keyboard, but not my external one.

@marnanel This is on my six-year-old daily driver Mac. My two-year-old new one is *checks* also Return.

@IceWolf I think the Mac has usually had Enter and Return differently.

@marnanel few know this but if you come in the computer store looking like a fancy old-money person they give you one of the good old keyboards. it's not just in the clothes you wear, either, it's all in your carriage

@triz ooh.

I have a Model M around the place somewhere, and they are glorious to type on.

@marnanel Probably when people started looking for the "Any" key.

@marnanel Right after we decided to burn all our bridges behind us.

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