"I'm radical," I say, going back to bed. "I'm punk," I say, snuggling under the covers. "I will facilitate a social revolution," I say, turning over and snuggling my teddy bear and falling asleep like a little baby,

In this rich man's war
Where the poor just die
More deception & greed
More wars & disease
More lies from the hive mind
That seek to deceive
A weak nation of need
Like silent thieves in the night
Its a rich man's war
But it's the poor that die
Stand up
Speak out
Strike back
Stand up
Speak out
Strike back
They don't know
What they started




@malkosh on one hand, we must fight the power
on the other, im baby


@zoe this carefully and meticulously crafted Mood :tm: has rightfully earned its place as my #1 most popular hit best toot ever

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