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If anyone is interested I'm starting to post old and new poetry at @malkosh :)

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I got a bunch of new followers yesterday so I think it's high time I pinned an introduction Show more

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Anyway im literally always thirsty for attention so if you wanna be friends you can dm me for my discord

Hm. I think i did dislocate my shoulder a little bit last night

What's the difference between believing I'm feeling something and actually feeling it?

when I see another mutuals selfies it fills me with love and also fear because one your cute and two your human person

self indulgent shitpost selfies, there's no eye contact but there is an axe and an air rifle Show more

bearing right is when you release bears into the Republican National Convention

today in fragile masculinity Show more

Talking about some serious shit Show more

If you think about it, an elephant's trunk is a kind of tentacle

Omg im waiting at the airport for the loml πŸ’šπŸ’šπŸ’š I'm so excited :blobaww:

video games more like bib-io games (they are for babies who are known for wearing bibs amongst other behaviours)

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