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If anyone is interested I'm starting to post old and new poetry at @malkosh :)

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That's it guys with my sleepy punk post I've made my big break. See you in hollywood

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"I'm radical," I say, going back to bed. "I'm punk," I say, snuggling under the covers. "I will facilitate a social revolution," I say, turning over and snuggling my teddy bear and falling asleep like a little baby,

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I got a bunch of new followers yesterday so I think it's high time I pinned an introduction Show more

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Anyway im literally always thirsty for attention so if you wanna be friends you can dm me for my discord

the only way to describe my gender is: horrible trainwreck, many dead

that's a nice psychology result you've got there! it'd be a shame if someone were to... try to reproduce it

Trying to think of yourself objectively and give yourself advice like you would a friend is really cool. It’s difficult to do but it’s worth it and i think people should try it

what other people mean when they say they want to live spontaneously: smell the flowers! go on adventures! be a little reckless! take fulfilling risks!
what I mean: I'm looking to reduce the amount of time it takes of being uncomfortably cold before I get up to put on a sweater

whats it like to not be a completely unreasonable perfectionist

my #aromantic #ecoanarchist flag for all your aro and green anarchy needs.
thanks @thrype for what you put together! this is the same but with the green and black expanded so that it resembles to ecoanarchist flag a bit more

JK Rowling reveals that Snape threw the first brick at stonewall

Okay, so this is a weird one. But sometimes when I cook eggs in the mornings and I need both hands for cooking I'll grab the eggs and slip them into my pajama bottoms, and there's something super satisfying about having eggs in my pockets???

i haven't done any pixel art in a million years so heres some.

throwing my family members ashes into the mall coin fountain

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