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hmm more people should be fans of me, bug, also known as malkosh

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I got a bunch of new followers yesterday so I think it's high time I pinned an introduction 

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Anyway im literally always thirsty for attention so if you wanna be friends you can dm me for my discord

i love my haven for extremists, mastodon. anyone wanna topple capitalism and generalise men with me

in case you were wondering, 

Perfecting the ultimate super weapon 

since I'm using 'reproduction' in a technical sense that may not be familiar, I oughta define it:

'reproduction' in socialist feminism is the re-creation and maintenance of the structure of society. it is organized differently from 'production,' and gender is heavily involved. thus, 'reproductive labor' is used to mean not just giving birth and childcare, but feeding workers in the home, maintaining the clothing of the household, teaching children what is expected of them, etc.

what I am definitely NOT using 'heterosexual reproduction' to mean is 'conceiving and giving birth to a child,' which is not necessarily heterosexual. I mean the reproduction *of* heterosexuality; gendering one's children, teaching them that men and women are different and have special relations exclusively with one another, punishing them for gender variance/gayness/non-binariness/transness, etc.

weird, bad coping 

remember when blakely was like "haha yeah I'm the toot sheriff"

anyway I miss them


we're all night crew if you think about it

Me strapping garf into electric chair: we're gonna play a game.

Garf: whoop whoop, wat game :blobcatgoogly: I gotta peepee in my cum

Me: it's called 'is there a god?' *flips switch*

drew a bad pic of my pal for my pal, gonna tart it up but it's a start eh

Naturally the first thing to do when getting new photography equipment is to get your tits out

getting called out is a good thing 

It’s something unpredictable
but in the end it’s right
I hope you have a borat voice my wife

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