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i just received some new-fangled "cryptographic currency" coins how do i turn them into real money

was about to make a shitpost and then i remembered that i made the exact shitpost two years ago almost to the day, so enjoy the boost from simpler times

it’s a little known fact that edgar allan poe was a big proponent of networking and AAA-based network access, which is why the standard for delivering electricity through a network was named PoE (a backronym for Power over Ethernet), as well as having a family of authentication protocols named after him - EAP (Edgar Allan Poe), a backronym for Extensible Authentication Protocol.

Poe is also known for writing an RFC beginning with “Once upon a midnight’s dreary, as I crimp so weak and weary”.

but then if IRC were created today then there wouldn't be a billion clients to choose from for connecting to it, and the clients which would be available would all be JS-based apps

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if IRC were created today i really doubt you'd be able to use it by just connecting and choosing a nick

hey did you know that if sidekiq's morgue is full of elasticsearch index read-only errors that means that elasticsearch has gone into read-only mode and that it isn't just transient elasticsearch errors

whoopsie guess who no longer has 9,999 items in the sidekiq morgue

why can't i live in the future already so i can say "computer, bring me food"

all i can do is say "okay google, order something on uber eats" and lie on the floor like a dried up slug for thirty minutes while someone gets me food and then i'd still have to get up to answer the door, and also the person getting the food is paid horribly and is overworked

when is the FUTURE

my first attempt was far less classy however, and was blessedly rejected by the person who i completely forgot manually reviews PCB designs before they go to manufacturing (though not for the risqué image of my fursona, but for my traces being too small and tightly-packed)

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somehow the part i felt most trashy about was putting my mastodon handle at the bottom

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i designed a pcb the other day and got real trashy with it (by putting my fursona all over the silkscreen, putting the :hacker_b: :hacker_e: :hacker_p: :hacker_i: :hacker_s: :bepis: logo on an empty part of the board and cutting out an area of the solder mask for the :bepis: ball)

welcome to tim jortons may i take your jorder

me: what is the minimum memory requirements for elastic search
google: 64GB
elasticsearch website: no idea but here's how to give it more ram and to make sure it uses that ram

I am only capable of barking like a tiny annoying dog

so like, what's the deal with "uint_t"

what does the t stand for

titty? transgender? the special edition featuring dante from the devil may cry series?

day 1 of asking nintendo to release earthbound on switch online

i briefly lost my shit today because i found out that
- nintendo direct last night announced SNES games for switch online
- SNES games are coming today
- they will include starwing and super mario world
- they will include :lazer_P: :lazer_I: :lazer_L: :lazer_O: :lazer_T: :lazer_W: :lazer_I: :lazer_N: :lazer_G: :lazer_S:

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