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i want to see linux booting up on a system with 128+ processors. show me the fucking tty output with so many fucking penguins you can't read the message saying kernel panic because of some inane bullshit.

literally never leave the house but i have to wear a mask even in the house
not because of covid, but because of hayfever

lmao out here calling the looming environmental crisis "woke"

gonna fuck about with the firmware of a ppc macintosh to change the startup chime to a film noir sting

ladies, if he
- doesn’t need no speed
- don’t need no heroin
- doesn’t want no coke
- will let you keep your ketamine

that ain’t your man, that’s a bassline junkie

like i didn't become an expert in that already by virtue of growing up queer

note: i'm not a stingy git, but i'm also not paying money to correct usability issues in an OS i didn't choose to use. i don't use mac os outside of work x:

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sidenote does anyone know of a replacement for the mac os dock, or a way of making the mac os dock a bit less shit without disabling system integrity protection or paying money

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googled "open source mac dock replacement" and the first result was a r*ddit thread looking for exactly my needs.
top comment: bro mac os is just ~different~ go back to windows if you can't adapt :}
OP: I don't have that choice
negative three karma.

if you ever talk to me on telegram then i’m sorry but i am in fact always like this (unwillingly guest starring

if you ever talk to me on telegram then i’m sorry but i am in fact always like this (unwillingly guest starring

huh. i’m sure it’s completely fine and normal to notify about an outage and then it’s resolved within a minute, this definitely isn’t a harbinger of future incidents. (this is the switch that is connected to.)

literally haven’t turned this on since before windows 11 betas came out.

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i just didn’t turn on my gamer computer since september of 2021 and i have so many updates. so very many updates.

furry art, pride-themed, nsfw, partial nudity, harness gear, latex 

Pride's for the gay villains too 😈

how am i supposed to have a Connected Shit in these conditions

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wifi in the bathroom is at an ALL TIME LOW in performance,, i will not tolerate this. i will fight the IEEE and i will decimate all 802.11 of you.

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