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i can tweet from it so that's already a positive (if you are reading my tweets then for you it will be a negative)

it's twenty twenty two and i've just installed Quicksilver to try and find something more performant than the OS-native spotlight

"macs are better for productivity" bro whenever i want to take a note on my work mac i need to wait for spotlight to catch up to me typing 'textedit', at least windows runbox doesn't fucking lag when i open notepad

this wordy game is interesting i guess
Wordle 200 X/6


using excessive ellipses to make sure nobody thinks i'm being passive aggressive when i'm shitposting

twitter stop forcing me to the algorithmic non chronological timeline that contains shit i don’t wanna see challenge 2021 (IMPOSSIBLE??)

hey do you have a separate RSS feed for just engineering posts? i like reading the engineering posts but most of your blog entries are diametrically opposite of why i subscribed to begin with

dicks out for nintendo's site reliability engineers who are dealing with the eshop being down on christmas day

i like how the furry fandom has collectively decided that the dreamworks cookie crisp wolf has a praise kink

i was impressed with how realistic the matrix awakens thing for xbox was and then i noticed they were doing screenspace reflections on the windows and now the immersion is ruined

starting a wiki for my local book club & using DokuWiki so i can name it "doku doku literature club"

us-east-1 went down right as i was preparing to deploy something at work :')

a dog to the left of me, another dog to the right, here i am
extremely pleased about the current situation

rly hoping that the bannister in my house is at most 3m long otherwise i don't have enough rgb lights to make the stairs gay

i love websites that don't let you have strong passwords

bravely posteing the dumbest shit i can fathom at 12:40pm onto twittre dot com

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