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there is nothing more adorable than watching your dog just going apeshit over the ip camera that had the audacity to turn around and gaze upon him

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while it sure is cool i can use the ip camera in the living room window to watch for my amazon delivery when the blinds are closed, it also sucks that the blinds are closed because then i can't pan the camera around and capture live video footage of my dog being bewildered by it

i hope all of the cute animal people on the internet are having a good day


He never had a chance to grow up to be the Man A he always wanted to be. 😢

thinking about how like ten years or so ago i was very much in the “i park my car i don’t gay park it” school of thought and yet now in 2021 you bet your ass if there were a way to gay park a car i would be doing that. fuck you i am no longer interested in being “normal”.

Kinda wanted to do that fursona then and now thing that's been going around except then I realise that my character has barely even changed clothes in the last 14 years

they won't even diagnose the fucking planet with that how did an individual person manage it

oh christ not only is twitter trying to algorithmically determine what my interests are, it thinks it knows what languages i know too

twitter made the mistake of granting me the ability to use “twitter for professionals” so now my profile says i am professionally a “Gamer"

hmm today i will of in the cold food of out hot eat the food

in their ongoing war against twitter users who prefer to receive content in chronological order and without bullshit like other people’s followers/likes, twitter has stopped automatically updating the Latest Tweets timeline with new tweets.

lmao my headphones have a “tile” thing built in, which I guess doesn’t work with the find my network, so I installed the app to set it up and discovered that isn’t GDPR compliant >:| every time i visit this stupid fuckin web page there's new irrelevant bullshit i gotta untick. the only things on the list i leave ticked are "Dril / wint" and "Neil Cicierega".

anyone who thinks AI is on the verge of rising up against humanity please visit the twitter advertising interests list at your earliest convenience to discover how far away that possibility is

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