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I like the idea that gordon freeman went to work fucking high out of his mind during the events of half life 1

Investigative reporting on Telegram channels finds that yes, the 'no kink at pride' debate is being used as a wedge by the right.

The colour work can be a bit inconsistent in this game, probably because after all this time and veering between painted and photorealistic styles and that but when it's right, it's as right as can be.

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found out today that google have even discontinued the whole 20% project thing

y’know, the thing that gmail was a result of.

i’m pretty sure google would discontinue oxygen if they could.

> What do people think about Pride Month?
straight people: Redesign your logo
queer people: Give us all your money

happy pride month everyone, don’t forget:
• corporations see pride purely as a marketing event
• the first pride was a riot
• cops do not belong at pride
• be gay
• do crimes
• trans people are real, fuck you
• cis/het folk can support pride by giving us all your money

why are there so many peter griffins in miitopia

“you call this a violation of human rights, I say it’s avant-garde”

houston i’m trying to follow the curvature of the earth but i’m dummy thicc and the clap of my asscheeks keeps alerting the pilot

once things calm down and i've sorted the original problem, i'll do a writeup

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folks, is back online.
the problem was a DNS issue caused by a server outage (possibly hardware failure idk yet)

i wish apps would have just like, a non-intrusive lil button or something being like “how do you feel about our app”

not a fucking yes/no modal that prompts (on yes) for app store reviews or (on no) detailed feedback on “what they could be doing better”.

i bet one day Well There’s Your Problem will actually do an episode on the tacoma narrows bridge disaster and nobody is gonna click on it because they think it’ll be an april fools

once in my entire life i would like to see the olympics but instead of drugs being banned, they are Mandatory

as of yesterday evening, i’m officially unemployed, because for the second consecutive time, my role was made redundant. super great that it happened to be right before christmas! when it seems like the job market is pretty bad!!

i uh, idk. is it at this point that i can mention the tip jar without feeling bad about it? any donation while i’m job hunting helps ;-;

absolutely inconsolable and heartbroken after finding out that the minidisc player that ran palm os 3.5 (the MZ-R110PDA/R120PDA) was actually an april fools joke

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