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Note: Haiku is great! I love it and I want to see it really succeed, and I’m running it on my ThinkPad, but I’d like to try out more stuff

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so in my quest to just live the most difficult life possible, i’m looking for operating systems that are mature enough to boot on real modern hardware which aren’t based on Linux, BSD, or Solaris.
So far it seems like this list is limited to uh, Haiku.

need to fix an RSS feed that's currently not being picked up by TT-RSS because it's got some broken entities apparently, and i thought "okay, i'll just google 'yahoo pipes', surely someone has made a clone of it" and i found:
- pipes dot digital, which is confusing, but apparently the closest i'll ever get

- an article titled "5 Yahoo! Pipes alternatives that are actually better than Pipes", listing exclusively services that are worse than yahoo pipes

developers: check out this environment file
also developers: i18n and a11y

either call environment e9t or call i18n and a11y internationalisation and accessibility

desperately looking forward to the end of the current Big News Thing ("US citizens choose between a shitty racist wotsit and someone's grandad") because despite being in an entirely different part of the world, it is dominating everything online.

opened a new tab on microsoft edge, only to see a message (blocking out the search box) which asked me to agree to microsoft's privacy policy
however if you blackhole and a couple other domains, the browser is forced to fall back to its internal, local new tab page, which doesn't require me to agree to a privacy policy, and which actually obeys my local search engine setting (the microsoft one forces Bing)

any UK government service that starts with "her majesty's" should be instead named "hermione's"
the queen ain't my queen, i ain't calling her a majesty

so it's uh, overdue somewhat, but i've made a tip-jar page available for those of you who've asked for a way to say thanks and have some spare change:

Fucking hell, the Raspberry Pi Foundation just launched a Pi 4 in a keyboard form factor. O.o

drake displeased and declining something: her majesty's revenue and customs
drake pleased and accepting: hermione's thieving bastards

trying to find some mechanism for doing secure NTP (NTS/NTPsec) clock sync on Windows (apparently it flat out hasn't been considered before??) and inadvertently came across this immensely cursed website that apparently was last updated in 2012

decided that if my manager wants to make me get up at 8:30 for a conference call then i will finish work a half hour earlier than normal

browsing the Kickstarter successful projects list sorted by "most backed" is an exercise in poorly-aged things. among them:
- pebble time 2
- ouya
- the coolest cooler

i keep rewatching CallMeKevin's phasmaphobia videos because i just love the incredibly chaotic energy he brings to every game

where's that Connor The Android Sent By CyberLife meme where he's 100% stress level

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i really need to move to SSD-based storage for q.p goddamn.

friends, is now upgraded to Mastodon v3.2.1
The upgrade should've been as routine as ever, but it seems like my server knew I was feeling stressed already and decided everything should crash, so it took a bit for everything to restart and recover, but we're back online now.

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