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where's that Connor The Android Sent By CyberLife meme where he's 100% stress level

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i really need to move to SSD-based storage for q.p goddamn.

friends, is now upgraded to Mastodon v3.2.1
The upgrade should've been as routine as ever, but it seems like my server knew I was feeling stressed already and decided everything should crash, so it took a bit for everything to restart and recover, but we're back online now.

kink shitpost 

Honey, it's 4 o'clock somewhere, time for your dick flattening

whoever on fedi created the _wide letter emojo set, thank you for what i consider to be the peak of comedy

@maffsie @nilsding It's a lovely day on the fediverse and you are a horrible goat

a reliable source has informed me that goat fed the gremlins after midnight

that is my contribution to whatever the fuck is going on. please remember to like and subscribe

what's with all the goat shittalking did goat do something abhorrent with activitypub again

there’s nothing i love more than when i’m on a conference call and i have Network Connectivity Issues™ and suddenly everyone’s voices are paulstretched at random

having now finished the tub, it was quite nice actually.

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update: it’s a strange mix of sweet and savoury that i’m not quite used to, but it’s quite nice

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my parents picked up a tub of “Netflix Nailed It Ben & Jerry’s Chip Happy Limited Botch” ice cream for me, so i guess let’s see what netflix edition chocolate ice cream with salt and vinegar crisps is like?

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