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BOBBY: Dad! Dad! I finally picked out a fursona! It's-
HANK: Is it a real animal?
BOBBY: gh-
HANK: Come on, Bobby, we talked about this. Everyone thinks Dale's a jackass with his closed species.

“good morning” my phone says to me as if it doesn’t know i slept like absolute garbage

no matter how bad current events get, at least margaret thatcher is still dead and her grave can still be pissed on

ugh i want to get a movie poster redraw thing for halloween this year

the thing that gets me the most about neil cicierega’s mouth dreams is the quiet harmonised train tooting behind “when i was a baby” is sorting itself out, my apologies for the disruptions while I continually fucked up a simple change of code

@chr Hey! Dunno if you're aware already but your source repo ( is currently returning HTTP 500

so it's uh, overdue somewhat, but i've made a tip-jar page available for those of you who've asked for a way to say thanks and have some spare change:

that thumbnail sure is something. i never realised it was 90s 3D pogchamp.

being fully sincere in one post and then immediately composing the absolute most garbage post afterwards

cursed thought: where older computers could have a maths coprocessor, modern computers could have a javascript coprocessor

@ trackpoint haters: Do you enjoy taking your entire hand off of the keyboard to move the mouse?

Tear my sofa into pieces
This is my loudest bork
Little puppy
Still teething
Don't give a heck
about the living room seating

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