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okay i am trying to sign up for FLO but their verification email hasn't come in, and their resend button has a 15-minute threshold for re-sending, because i guess they think i don't know precisely how email makes its way from Hell into my inbox (also Hell)

due to recent increases in spammy registrations, hCaptcha challenge difficulty unfortunately has been increased from Moderate to Difficult.

was having a bit of an eh day and then i remembered that margaret thatcher is still completely dead

"Meeting started via Microsoft Teams, tap to join!"

yes i know, it was me that started the meeting

Neko Hatsune

Hatsune Minaj

do with this information what you will

so it's uh, overdue somewhat, but i've made a tip-jar page available for those of you who've asked for a way to say thanks and have some spare change:

Trans Femmes, Let me be abundantly clear:

Do not go to Kathy Rumer in Philadelphia for bottom surgery.

She's a butcher.

===== NEW EMAIL =====
FROM: Boss

do u rp? :3

⚠️ apologies folks, home timelines on were frozen for upwards of an hour because the component responsible for updating timelines stopped running (but didn't crash, preventing it from being safely restarted) while I was making changes to how the database behind q.p is backed up. sorry 'bout that!

we've made the tail ten times longer. not only does it create something that's beautiful and pleasant to the touch, it vastly improves 4G and 5G reception in crowded areas.

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if i ever redesigned my fursona i would probably put together a marketing video like what apple do for the new iphones where they lock jony ive in the great expansive white void except it's just talking about my new fursona

found this & sent it immediately to my partner because of who i am as a person

is there a better way of taking backups of a standalone postgres install than just `pg_dump`?

i know the ideal best way of doing it is to have a read-replica that you pull backups from, but i barely feel qualified to run a standalone postgres install nevermind set up replication

i do Not like that my home NAS' largest raid array is currently oversubscribed

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