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check off "Switch got a port of Crysis that actually plays very well and uses cutting edge rendering techniques" on the What The Fuck Is 2020 scorecard is just a sigh no more mumford and sons song that drank a creatine shake and went on daddy dom tumblr for 25 minutes

paper mario had a gag there which was a fucking Napoleon Dynamite reference jfc

load-testing the new LB sitting between and The Internet by reminding people about parallel port

what the fuck was thunderbolt 1's connector anyway
tb2 was like "hmm today i will become mini displayport, destroyer of worlds"
tb3 was like "i will make the bad situation of usb worse on purpose"

did tb1 piggyback on like, the firewire connector or something

fucked up how you can give jeff bezos some dollars and he'll hook you up with literally a satellite in orbit around planet earth

dogs are the only reason not to just completely obliterate earth

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the mixed look of confusion and concern on my dog's face when he jumped up and looked at my phone which was playing Gas Gas Gas

the boy who moaned wolf........................................

caching redis? i would prefer a cashing redis
but i do not want a crashing redis

honestly rn i live for My Hot Orc Wife Can't Possibly Be This Gender Affirming (thread:

hey everyone, i hope y'all are doing okay today

every morning I stand in front of the mirror and chant "i AM beautiful. i AM powerful. i COULD take down nick clegg, former deputy prime minister of the united kingdom, with a SINGLE GLARE."

It's an urban legend that Oppenheimer said "I am become death, destroyer of worlds" after witnessing the first successful atomic bomb detonation. What he actually said was "wow, this blew up, check out my soundcloud"

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