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love sitting at home on my work laptop trying to log into itch dot io only to be thwarted by the web firewall work has because even when i'm using my home internet it insists on applying "corporate internet usage policies"

i am overwhelmingly gay at all times but i WILL kiss the linux fox

if u got a robot whose sole purpose was to vocally make statements to those atms with phones on them, that would be an Automated ATM Teller Machine

transformation; post, pokemon anthro 

the dictionary: fortnightly
my dumbass sleep-deprived brain, trying to spell it: forn tightly

sure qemu runs on windows but i'm not fucking about with config files every time i want to change anything about a VM

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for real why are the only options for actually usable virtualisation on windows
- vmware (not free but workstation works the best)
- virtualbox (shit unless you use the nonfree extensions, absolutely garbage software, irredeemable)
- hyperv (fine except no hardware passthrough which kills it for local dev stuff)

i want to be wrong, please tell me there's something else.

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virtual machine: *reboots*
oracle virtualbox: ah this is my time to shine! *bluescreens my computer*

fedi needs protections 

koyu dot space has joined's silenced list due to
- not having a published moderation policy
- refederating with gab
- defederating snouts et al for, seemingly, being vocal about BLM

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