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my previous employer there posting about how they're proudly staying open amid the c19 crisis

hope those business cards and flyers look real good scattered around your caskets.

close telegram on computer, pick up phone, open telegram on phone, realise what i've done and close telegram on phone, immediately reopen telegram on phone without thinking

so excited to be finished with work so i can harrass blathers with the massive amount of insects and fish i've collected

too comfortable; haven't been able to open my eyes in like five minutes. please send help.

measuring my social skills by how angry my friends get at me every time i post a fucking stupid image in the group chat with no context

you can't say you know about timezones if you've never cordoned off a clock before

i typed this while leaning my head back with my eyes shut because i want to feel like i'm in bed for a second. i hate being awake. fuck this.

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me: maybe working from home won't be so bad

me on day 2 of working from home:
* wakes up not only too late for the morning catch-up meeting with the overseas team, but missing the first 25 minutes of work
* gets too comfortable due to the sun shining on me & my laptop and as a result nearly falling asleep.


i’m on season five of Highway Thru Hell and practically every single accident covered on this show boils down to “someone went too fast, drove carelessly or didn’t take necessary precautions”

day 1 of working from home:

i have been informed of a mandatory team-wide meeting scheduled across two timezones which begins a half hour before i'm supposed to come online

when the mayor informs me that the town is now called something very profane

thanks to!

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