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when the mayor informs me that the town is now called something very profane

thanks to!

when will deliver my copy of :(

haha what if we were fuckin small 😳 like one inch tall 😳 and we kissed 😚 on the occult minidisc 💽...
haha just kidding.........

enjoying my time today eating ice cream and listening to “Apple II Forever!” on minidisc

making a joke and then immediately hating what i’m joking about because of the association my joke has created

me in 2010: hurl copyright lawyers into the sun
me in 2020: hurl marketers into the sun

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tbh there’s a lot of things i’m doing in 2020 that i would never have thought i’d be doing
definitely didn’t think that one of those things would be blocking my pension and healthcare providers, along with most of the government, on twitter because they keep advertising at me

covid, targeted mh/coping resource site 

i went on "youtooz" cause i was interested in the Call Me Kevin figures, and this is on the fucking homepage

joking about active directory to hide the truth that i actually really like active directory unironically

"active after-dark directory" sounds like a callout website for people with horny alts

if i can't query ldap to find u then are we even dating.......,

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