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folks, i'll be taking q.p offline for a bit to complete the update. shouldn't be too long!

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friends, i’m getting ready to upgrade q.p to Mastodon 3.1.0, database migrations are currently running but shouldn’t impact operations until the moment that upgrading is done and we switch over.

overhearing someone say "i respectfully disagree" and feeling anxiety because it's basically like a verbal punch in the face

my name is
my name is
My name is Tim Buckley. I'm a twenty-four-year-old gamer. I've played every violent video game in existence, and I have never killed anyone. There are millions of gamers just like me, and we're getting sick of people like you blaming your problems on us. Ignorance causes violence, not video games. Man up and take responsibility. We outnumber you, and the people that think like you. Don't fuck with us. was down since about 6am seemingly because of a brief interruption of power and it didn’t come back online cleanly, everything should be fine now though. sorry about the disruption, friends!

finished binge watching netflix's The Witcher, it's good but what the fuck is up with that fake radial blur fringing on the edges of the frame they were doing half the time? feels like someone wanted to be creative with effects in post but it just gave me a headache

lewd, disney, gaston 

no one's dick is incredibly thick as Gaston's

on a related note i have now cleared out the backlog of account registrations on q.p - most were spammy and so have been rejected but for the few who i couldn't immediately work out weren't spammy, my apologies for the weeks of waiting

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just fyi this is the bullshit that comes in when accounts are subject to manual approval on mastodon (at least for q.p) and it sucks tbh

allow me to reiterate:
people with cute fursonas as their icons on mastodon u are my lifeline

went to the dentist and now can't feel or smell anything from my right nostril ama

brought my dad's old Wacom Bamboo Fun in to work (because the pen for *my* Wacom is made of rubber which has perished and gone nasty and sticky) so I could use it for scribbling ideas and stuff, since company policy prevents me using my iPad for it.

turns out: Windows Ink makes the tablet unusable outside of actually drawing, because there's a big lag between clicking/dragging. fix is to disable windows ink, but then i lose pen pressure. i thought of per-app windows ink, but that's "pro" only.

i commissioned @dzuk some time ago for custom emoji but only just now got around to actually adding them on mastodon.

you can now plaster your posts with:
:maffsie: purple
:maffawoo: purple (shawn wasabi awoo mix)
:maffsnooz: purple (sleepy radio edit)

the bourgeoise can have a little beheading, as a treat

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