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scottish campus hackathon is starting to kick off at work..with an "ideation session"

really wish they'd used any word other than "ideation" there.

"man why does this video look so blurry when it's 1080p?
where the hell are my glasses?"

CGA is the official graphics mode of trans rights

food, nsfw I guess?????? 

Remembering that time a barista made my then-twitter icon of my fursona holding a buttplug actual real latte art

for real though please donate to AGDQ if you can

this probably still needs a bit of work (I'm not that great at shading), but hey! high-res Rusty is no longer just a floating head!

by the way i invite you to enjoy my utterly cursed "welcome email" template which is sent to anyone with an extension on my personal phone system

tl;dr making changes to the firewall to properly route traffic out through the expected interface (eg., traffic coming into goes back out through the same IP address, rather than the firewall's main NAT address). documentation for this stuff is uhhhhhhhhh not really something that exists.

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folks, apologies for the disruption in connectivity to last night and today - I was making changes to the firewall configuration during that period which ended up being a lot more disruptive than anticipated. All should be back to normal now, however. thank you for your patience! <3

happy new year everyone! all the best for 2020 and the decade ahead!

(if you're a tory then the above doesn't apply to you. have a bad year.)

unfortunately however, the iPad Pro does not support USB floppy drives (even though I’m pretty sure they made a reference to them in the announcement keynote)

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i finally got a USB interface Zip drive today and i can proudly say that the iPad Pro supports it.

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