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blatantly guilty of following people because their fursonas are cute. fuck you my heart is filled with warmth.

john what is your favourite show on telly

i like :a_wide: :d_wide: :v_wide: :e_wide: :r_wide: :t_wide:

why am I not Bi, you ask? because i work in an open-plan office, thus the courts have mandated that i be Polyamorous

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did you know: the best kind of traybake is the kind you can't pick up without it just falling all over the place and squishing

cubicles are called that because if you are in one then you are Bi

*holding a cw: horny sticker between my fingers like a Go stone, silently contemplating where to place it, and then decisively placing it on your post. The commentators flip out*

to be clear, i’m talking about Edge Dev in contrast to non-chromium Edge.

Edge Dev is bad.

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microsoft edge has its own problems but at least it didn’t literally halt my entire computer upon me daring to do something like “focus the window”

my computer is actually frozen and hasn’t responded to any input in five minutes.

absolutely trying to find out whether it's okay to take them home because Holy Shit

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actually hot under the collar after discovering that in an unused old cupboard at work, there are several 1980s computers running OS/2, as well as several US Robotics modems, an unbranded 19200 baud modem, and a 1986 IBM DOS development bible

📢 Important PSA:

Trans rights are Human Rights.
Non-binary folks, no matter if they're trans or not, or how they present, are valid and their rights are Human Rights.

:transgender_flag: :nonbinary_flag:

sent a toot saying i was "home of sexual" and the fan on my laptop instantly ramped up... :thonkery: :thonkpad:

im homosexual re ply if you agre........... re Toote if your Also gay....

i appreciate that someone just sent a message out to the company-wide lgbtq+ Yammer group about yesterday being transgender day of remembrance, and including statistics of how many we've lost in the last year, especially transgender PoC

it's a sombre posting but i appreciate the reality being communicated rather than just "hey having a fun time :)"

sucks you just gotta install windows updates and if one comes out like windows media player 16 or whatever and you don't want it, you can't just tick "don't show this update to me or my son ever again"

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